So, while embarking upon a personal project of creating my portfolio, the question popped up in my mind…is it possible to be highly knowledgeable and effective in all areas of web design and graphic design? Hmmm…any takers?…. I mean, with so many bells and whistles to choose from and so many subject matters to master, it seems a bit overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning…but sometimes I feel as if it’s beyond my grasp – like a mirage lol.

It’s clear to me in looking back since I started this whole new adventure in my life 3 years ago that I have learned, if nothing else that I am capable of learning. However, the learning curve, is well…a road of progress, decline, more progress, change and then it repeats itself from there.

Take for example CSS, this in itself is a journey. You add Flash and Actionscript to the mix, programming which boggles my mind and anything and everything else technology throws your way and it makes you wonder when and if ever you will be at a point where it feels like you are on top of things. Granted I learn something new or a solution to a coding issue each time I design a site, but I often feel like I am so focused in trying to learn the coding it hampers my creative expression at times. This is probably why I find solace in just designing creatively. Oh and I don’t know if anybody else struggles with this at times, but I wonder if others have the same challenge I do with jump tracks from task to task. You can become knee deep in creative mode and than suddenly have to switch to programming mode and visa versa.

I was always under the impression that people are predominantly right or left brained….I feel like I am split down the middle. Most creative people are not organized – or so they say. However, I am creative and organized. Sometimes it takes a couple days to switch gears, completely.

Just this past week for instance, I was designing an invite for a friend while trying to team lead a project, do research and write out an outline for a presentation, than that ended and I had to sprint into coding a web site. It was like my brain was on vacation, it was rebelling. It take a couple of days to get into the later project full force. Maybe it is just me..who knows. Maybe others struggle with this too at times. Perhaps there is a better and more balanced way to approach this challenge.

None the less, I do love the process in both areas, it just takes time to learn the things you want to learn. Hopefully, the learning curve will bend in my direction in the upcoming year as I have seek to embrace new projects outside of school and pick up more skills as I go along.