So, I have been working on putting together my very first portfolio. It is my final project for my very last class before I get my degree. Woohoo! I had been struggling to figure out which direction I wanted to go with it graphically and it was “lacking” to say the least. So, as I finished what was my original attempt…I just kept feeling like it wasn’t good enough for me. I was determined to bring a little more excitement and pzazz into the scheme of things. So, I got the itch! Last night. I did this all since yesterday, basically hard coded from scratch!

So, in the process, I learned quite a few things….and a lot of it is CSS. I tell ya, CSS can either make your life designing miserable or miraculous. lol.  Every time I design a site, I feel like I take leaps and bounds in learning something new. There of course is an unlimited amount of things too learn, but I figure as long as I continue to stretch myself and aim for growth, than at the very least I am still making strides forward!

So, things I learned on this project:

  • how to make a Flash Gallery in AS 3.0
  • how to overlap images in CSS
  • how to add a background image
  • how to add images to my navigational links.

I still am trying of course to work out the kinks of my flash gallery because it’s getting cut off in my HTML or something of that nature. Of course there are a few minor glitches with my links not changing in firefox so I will have to double check my code. Ah, the joys of designing!

Well, must get back to tweaking…there is always something to modify or make better.

When You Get the Itch….than go for it! That’s what design is…sometimes you have to plan and other times you just go with it….