So tonight I started working on some personal business card options. One design, led to another, led to yet another and 3 designs later I am pretty happy with the outcome. Now the hard part is to choose the best one that most reflects ME! hah!

I was most definitely in a design mood today because it just came. It’s funny how some days you tap your fingers staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to hit and other days you can barely create fast enough to get your ideas into formation.  Sometimes what starts as your central idea, involves into something even better upon completion. Design is amazing like that. I love graphic design because you can spend so much time just “playing” around. Trying out different methods, textures, colors, arrangements, design motifs – the hours just fly by! The world around me just fades out and I get so engrossed…I love it!

How about you guys? What is your source of inspiration? I would love to hear about it…