So yesterday was probably one of the best days spent in a while. What does one do on a rainy, Sunday day at home?…well, I was too antsy to watch movies and curl up on the couch so I decided it might be time to conquer that great big elephant in the room, or my trunk rather – my sewing machine! I had been thinking about how I should really take it out and attempt another sewing project, after all it’s not doing much good hiding in my leather trunk now is it.

The last time I sewed I got so flustered and was disappointed in the outcome – although I can only count on my hands how many times I have actually sewn. My very first sewing experience was back in junior high. I created a pillow that looked like a cream soda. It was pretty nifty – I must say. I was completely clueless when I got put on the sewing machine. Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to put a pillow together that looked just like a cream soda with layers of ice cream out and a straw in a cute little glass. lol

My most recent project however, after getting my first sewing machine several years back  was learning how to make removable pillow shams. I than attempted to learn how to do tie shams, both of which were quite hilarious. That project dismantled quickly enough. I used the shams for a while but I couldn’t bare the sight of them for very long. I ended up taking apart the fabric soon enough. They were staring me in the face demanding more.

It was a little mind-boggling figuring out what side in and what side out and this much here and overlap there, an extra inch square on all sides or half-inch on each side if not an equal square and yada yada yada lol not to mention just trying to learn how to use this foreign tool called a “sewing machine” winding bobbins and hoping I wouldn’t break anything.  Soon enough I started school which pretty much consumed all creative and mental energy and took over my world for the next 3 years. So, upon graduation this past May, I decided to revive my creativity by doing things I most love. So, I decided to dig out that sewing machine and give it a little love and attention. A day gone and 4 pillows later, I was impressed that I had more than just picked up where I had left off. I had managed to conquer the pillow “shame” alas.  Here are 3 of the creations I came up with, 2 shams and 1 pillow that I filled with stuffing.

This first pillow I made a sham out of and just added a faux button. I don’t have a very fancy sewing machine and have never attempted to make a real slot for a real button and I didn’t want to mess with that on this particular project as I hear it’s a real bear.

pillow with button

This next pillow sham the right just below, I decided to add a little fabric flower to.  Something differet, vintage inspired and a little girly 😉 but not too much! I definitely plan on making more of these as pillow shams the next time around. It was a first attempt at making a fabric flower. Now, I think I have it figured out a little better for how to sew it and attach it next time. The first time was all experimental.  

The last pillow on the bottom left, I actually made out of a larger pillow sham. The zipper broke and I didn’t have any need for the larger euro sham any more so I just repurposed the fabric and made a “new” sham for one of my smaller down pillow forms I had laying around. Voila!

pillow with fabric flowersoft white pillow sham






My next challenge…chording, piping and trim. Ooh, now this should get interesting. I am also working on creating a set of pillows made out of my grandma’s old vintage tablecloth. It’s perfect because the pattern is already in evenly distributed squares and I am just going to look for some coordinating fabric for the back part of the pillow where the sham fold will be. Looking forward to having another fun project to work on. I know Mom will be happy too when she sees them revealed! I will be sure to post pics when I’m done!