repainted banker chair with blue worn finish

Revamped Banker Chair


So, I purchased this old antique walnut bankers chair several years back from a resale shop because I saw its potential and thought it would be a nice desk chair or use for extra seating. I had primed it last summer and just never got around to finish it. Guess I just got distracted with school AND landscaping the backyard AND trying to get our front bedroom remodeled…you get the idea. There is usually more than one project I work on at the same time. It’s never a dull moment in my home, that is for sure. 

So, instead of sanding off the old varnish and then redoing it, I just figured I would give it a nice coat of pale blue paint and rough it up a little for that so loved, but clearly over stated look of “shabby chic”.  I mean really, I am so tired of people thinking that everything that is not varnished is all of the sudden shabby chic. It cracks me up. That’s a whole other post… 

I honestly love very modern and clean lined pieces as well in addition to the weathered pieces.  I am working hard on trying to incorporate my complete opposite extreme taste in decor. With all the wonderful options out there, it’s hard to limit yourself to just classical, or just country, or just modern. I am working slowly on bringing this living room together once and for all. It’s my summer project. I do have quite a few vintage inspired art pieces which I will incorporate and a quilt that started back from my great-great grandma. It does add a subtle punch of color and character to the room, not to mention a splash of history. It’s pretty neat that it goes back so many generations.  Somehow trying to make everything cohesive will be the true challenge. Trying to find ways to link it through color, style and shapes will be fun! It keeps my mind occupied and creative. Okay, maybe it won’t be finished by the end of summer, but I do feel like it is starting to evolve slowly as I am learning how to mix old with new, vintage and modern, with worn and more “feminine” pieces. We shall see.  I’m finding inspiration, that is for sure. So, stay tuned to see what project I can come up with next! lol