Sometimes we end up inheriting certain pieces from loved ones gone past only to realize their original purpose doesn’t always suit our current needs, example being, grandma’s old vintage tablecloth. Most people today don’t have those old rectangular small scale vintage style eating tables lying around that were often used back in the 50’s era. I didn’t want to turn it into a square or anything else related to a tablecloth since I really didn’t have a need for one anyway. So, after looking at the pattern more closely, I noticed 12 perfect repeat patterned squares right around 16 inches. I wanted to find a way to reuse the fabric for myself and my mother rather than hanging on to a tablecloth with little to no use for us. So, why not make it into something more useable…pillows!

I decided to look for a simple fabric for the back of the pillow since I decided I wanted to make them into shams for easy and removeable cleaning. Last night we ended up finding the perfect match at the store in the same hue of blue and yellow. A very, very small scale polka dot fabric .

So, I’m glad I was able to resuse something from our past by simply repurposing it’s use! It’s a green concept by reusing something you have lying around but with a new concept. The bonus is of course we can still enjoy it and it keeps us in touch with a bit of the past at the same time! I’m sure my grandma nemitz would be proud. Of the many things I have seen from her creative work, she would do just the same! Example, taking old flour sacks and sewing them into tablecloths with crocheted edging. Amazing!

Well one done and 11 more to go. However, here is the first one which I thought I would post and share.