So, I have been plotting out my vision for our living room, the style, the colors, the pieces of furniture I want to replace in time. I have managed to clear out all excessive clutter that doesn’t fit that vision and still trying to rid myself of a select few major pieces like our horrid country plaid sofa. I felt like I just needed room to “think” clearly. This room has been like a thorn in my side, well okay the whole house is essentially a thorn filled forest, but I’m focusing my combative energy on the living room at this stage in the game.

So, after sampling greens and robin’s egg blues and cream and having already painted it a tan color…I decided that gray would be my best bet since it goes with practically all the colors that i gravitate towards blue, green and brown. It’s the perfect neutral – or so I thought! Excited I had finally made my decision after weeks of deliberation I marched myself over to the Sherwin Williams store and decided on SW 0055 Light French Gray.

Although, I did peak around just to make sure it wouldn’t look purple and chose something that appeared to have a more of a green hint to it.

So, still not sure of the potential outcome I asked the Sherwin Williams guy for his two cents. Hah! The best he came up with was agreeing that the color gray has different hues to it and it just depends on the light. So, I told him our living room faces east with an additional northern exposure window – so in summary plenty of light. At this point I was still hoping he would come up with something useful, not so much. So, I considered the whole sample thing again, but really I just want it painted already. So, I just went ahead and got myself two gallons. Bad move! However, I did make one great decision, I spontaneously chose a rich navy color for an accent wall  and got that in a sample since I figured it would be just enough to cover a small wall. So away I walked with my sample of Needlepoint Navy SW 0032 in addition to my Light French Gray SW0055.

Got home, threw some up just to make sure and immediately began freaking out. LILAC! Really? Unbelievable! So, trying to convince myself it would be different in the morning, I woke up and anxious to see if in fact my fate may have been altered. Well, it was altered alright, permanently lilac! Ugh!

Evidence to the left! Though it may appear more light blue, it’s definitely lilac in person.

The good news is however, that the blue I spontaneously chose, go figure, looks fabulous and hubby and I both love it! So that is good to go! Not so much with this “gray” area we are troubled with.

So, I called Sherwin Williams to see what they could do…no guarantees but we will be heading over there today to hopefully find the right solution.

Funny thing, while in my search on choosing the right gray my very desperate attempt for guidance in this matter, I discovered just how tricky this little color is. Apparently this is what the design experts don’t tell you. They tell you gray is the perfect color, but they don’t tell you how to select the right shade of gray to get to that perfect gray color.

Anyhoo, I found a blog on wouldn’t you guess it, the same exact dilemma, exact colors and all. So, I am hoping what worked for her, will work for me.

We are going to try Mindful Gray SW7016 and see if this gives me the peace of mind I am anxiously awaiting!