Hello All!

I am happy to report yesterday’s disaster was averted and a solution of Mindful Gray minus the extra drop of maroon gave us a very happy ending. Thank you Emily for your help! Oh and thank you lady at the Sherwin Williams store, you very helpful and glad you were able to fix the issue. I will be sure to ask for you the next time around!

So, now that the paint was squared away, today I had to take a trip to Home Depot to get the remainder of my painting supplies to begin giving my living room a major face paint lift. I hope to start this weekend, so stay tuned for progress pics along the way – ceiling, trim, walls and all!  That’s stage 1 of my plan.  However, first I had to finish up a project that I started two days ago which was redoing my dining room chairs.

I ran out of spray paint yesterday so today I continued on. I am almost complete, one more day to do final touch ups and the painting part will be done. Who knew it would take so much spray paint per chair. EEK. Well, at least I scored on the $.96 dollar cans rather than the 2 dollar and up ones.

Now I have to go hunting for a fun, vintage inspired pattern or possibly a really cool plaid with one or more of my colors, Navy, Gray and Olive Green.  I am keeping an open mind, it doesn’t have to be conventional fabric by the yard. I am also going to check out some thrift stores to see if I can pick up a neat old sweater  or shirt, shower curtain, etc.  to use. Fabric can be expensive so why not reuse something else if you can.

Tomorrow I will post the before and after pics  of the chairs for everyone to see in the morning when the light is nice and bright! 🙂 At least the pain job, I can’t promise I will have the project completed with new fabric….

Well, it’s late and it’s been a long day of shopping, sanding, painting and scheming.

See You Tomorrow.