Okay so today I was able to conquer finishing my nifty decorative box. I originally saw an amazing one online that was handcrafted by a local artist out of metal that I fell in love with right off the bat until I realized the hefty price it would cost me for this beautiful piece of custom art – granted the box is a little bigger, but my pocketbook runneth not that deep!

 You can check out his original work called at : http://riggodesign.com/accent/?photoset=72157619892734858

After inquiring about the price of this I realized it was well over my thrifty budget. Although I would definitely buy it if I had the extra hundreds of dollars because it’s a nice art piece in itself, but that just doesn’t work for me and I’m sure the average person when you are living on a very limited income. 

So, I got to thinking, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make something out of metal cause A) I don’t have a blow torch lying around and B) I would probably burn my hand off or something else in the process so I decided to continue on my search for another option for a cute decorative box to hide my remote controls inconspicuously. (I got the suggestion from none other than my icon in Design, Nate Berkus! Thanks Nate! 🙂 )

As I was searching here and there and everywhere with no luck, everything much too gaudy,oriental  and flowery looking for my personal tastes. I stumbled on an idea at the fabric store. Fate took over alas. I decided to peruse the wood craft aisle and what would you know, there she was sitting there all naked and full of possibilities for ony $3.99 not $300! Now that my friends was right up my alley. So, I picked her up and then began my next mission. Finding something similar in appearance to the decorative features on the top in the original.  As I wondered on down to the scrapbooking section because they always have the coolest doodads right?… – well except for this one time. >

So what now?…I had a conversation that went something like this…self: think outside the box, think unconventional. LOL. I was thinking, ok maybe the hardware store might be the next best thing. Well, turns out I didn’t even need to do that cause I spotted something in the purse aisle on my way back. Ah, the glorious feeling of determination and fate coming together.

I found these little purse clasps that looked perfect for the job, similar in color tone, size and everything. I figured I could just cut of the clasps with my handy-dandy floral cutter. Sure enough, in the end it was a perfect fit.

I found some gray spray paint I had purchased for something or other last year basically unused. I knew I wanted something more rustic looking, like that of aged barn wood that looks  kind of grayish in nature. So, I sprayed a little and wiped off the excess paint and the wood grain came through perfectly. I was thrilled of course! After I got that done, I put a thin coat of lacquer on and later superglued those decorative clasps on top. Woohoo! Mission complete!

I think it takes a creative mind to see something they love and find a way to take inspiration from it and make it unique for themselves for less. Besides isn’t that what design is all about? Taking an idea and forming it into your own creation?…

Well, hope you enjoyed my little project. Maybe you will be inspired to do something like this too to hide those remotes as well.

May the creative juices flow!