Well, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to bust out the painters tape and have at it! My hallway needed a little paint lift. It’s so tiny and dark, it needed a little punch of pizzaz. So, yes, I decided to do wide bands of horizontal stripes! Yay! So, glad I did because I love it!

So, since I have plans to paint the living room gray and I already have the walls Behr Belvedere Cream in the hallway, I thought it would be great to tie the two areas together and offset the warm cream, with something cool for contrast, thus Mindful Gray.

What difference. Just while putting the blue tape up and seeing the definition in space, to me it looked so much more open and my hallway has a voice now. Before it was just something you passed through, now it says hello when you walk by! 😉

Why did I wait so long to do this?

Well, unfortunately I forgot to take a before prior to taping, but I am quite sure all of you can picture a blank, bare canvas in your minds. So, think of that….

… and now enjoy the AFTER! Well, almost after. I still have tape up because it’s drying, but you get the drift. I will post a final pic post tape down.

Who else has tried this? Were you happy with the results?…Anybody else thinking about doing this? Share!

Well, it’s off to painting trim I go. Stay tuned for the before and after of that. Nasty, old varnished trim to a clean coat of white! Can’t wait….

Stay Tuned.


Okay guys, I’m back and I have the finished product! Turned out great – what does everyone think? I even managed to get a few coats of fresh white paint on the door trim from the hallways to the living room 🙂

I hope to be able to get to the rest of the trim this week and than on to the ceiling…I love that sparkle of life that is seeping through with each area of repainted trim! yay.

What about you guys? what is your favorite choice for trim color and why?

Talk to me…