Okay so with my freshly painted living room underway, ceiling, trim, walls and all…I am happy with my recently painted white dining room chairs.  Now I am left with a dining table that I love because I of the great lines and simplicity it has. However, I am not fond of the very outdated cherry like finish. I love the dark contrast to the white chairs but I want to acheive a reclaimed, aged barnwood look if at all possible. No more shiny old cherry orangeness.

Here is my dining table currently….

Close Up of the Wood Grain and Tone

So, the grain is fine and I love the simple lines of the table and the contrast but I really want something a bit more like aged or reclaimed wood. It has that greyish weathered tone to it. Any thoughts on treatments? Do I just sand it down to get the gloss off and then rub in a stain? I want it to have a more modern treatment but aged appearance if that makes sense. Would I need to sand it down all the way? Could I white wash it with a gray or charcoal color to take away that orange brown color tone? I don’t know.

Here are a few examples I like.


Let me hear your ideas!