Hey all!

It’s been a while since I have posted and I’m so, so sorry! I have been crazy busy painting away, accessorizing, shopping for thrifty deals and now on the hunt for a reasonably priced sofa…you get the idea.

The living room is not yet quite finished so I don’t want to post the final pic but I did manage to give the inside of my front door a well needed facelift so I will give you a sneak peek of that for you in a bit. 🙂

FYI I am posting before pics from when we originally purchased the house….so you will get an idea of the absolute hideousness of it all…WARNING may cause severe design shock! lol

Some of you are probably going to question my sanity in how and why we even chose this house to begin with. Well, first off, price, secondly pure desperation to get out of throwing money down the drain in a not so pleasant apartment experience and lastly, I’m most definitely not afraid of a decorating challenge. I can always see the hidden potential in anything awful. It’s definitely been a lot of work here in our first, new-old home , but it’s been worth it – a great teaching experience and yes, even fun at times. There is a lot more left to do as the whole house is needing a lot more than just a little TLC.

Our biggest challenge believe it or not, wasn’t even looking past the outdated everything, everywhere scenario. Truly the biggest challenge we have faced was the space constraint. It has really challenged us to cut back to absolute necessities, learn how to look for things that are more versatile and multifunctional. Believe it or not, you need to be extremely organized and purposeful when living in a small space, there’s no question about it! Which leads me to this notion of Living Big In A Small Space!

Most of my friends get so hung up on feeling like they can’t have people over or entertain because there space is just too small. Hogwash I say! Get real people. Come on. We can all use a little cozy and reconnection in our hustle and bustle lifestyles. Most people have forgotten the art of intimacy and treasuring time with people. Why do we go to such lengths to impress others? I mean, why do we need all this extra and unused square footage in houses today anway? What purpose does it serve when both people are working just to stay afloat and aren’t even home to enjoy it, who don’t have time to have people over or to enjoy their own family. It defeats the purpose wouldn’t you say? I know we all have to work to provide for basic needs and some extras but why are we working just to impress our neighbors, family and friends when the one thing we all need is time with each other.

Here’s my policy, you are welcome at our house, whenever.. You don’t need to schedule a time, just drop by. Come over for a cup of coffe, stay a while, put your feet up. Share what’s been going on. Stop and take a deep breathe.

I think living big in a small space is not about having the grandest columns in the entry way, or the most expensive furnishings, rather living with a big heart and welcoming spirit. That’s part of how you make a house your home. Make it stylish yes, but don’t forget to make it feel comfortable, cozy and filled with love.

My favorite designer has a quote where he says, ” your house should rise up to meet you.” Well, I think that is true and it should also rise up to meet others. You can have a huge mansion, but where is the welcome in that when a close neighbor or old friend wants to come over for a cup of morning coffee and connect. Seems a bit intimidating don’t you think? My goal is to decorate with the intent to live a big life even within the confines of a “small” space. I don’t want my space to become a fortress crowding out the people in my life no do I want it to be a possession that makes others feel like I am unreachable.

Yes, I do hope to have a bigger space some day so I can fit more than 2-6 people over for a dinner party, and have at least a decent size guest bedroom where guests don’t have to hobble around between and desk and a mattress. For now though, I am happy and I choose to focus on a more cozy and intimate setting as means to impress my guests. Perhaps they will take time to notice the intimate bouqet of freshly picked flowers picked with love rather than the million dollar mansion down the road where no one is ever home. Yes, I am exaggerating but I think you get my point.

So, this week remember, it’s not about living big, it’s a bout living a big life! Maybe you can be inspired to live more purposefully in your current space and focus on the truly important things in life if you aren’t already. Maybe you have gotten a little sidetracked, as we all can from time to time. Time to bring it back in and aim to be available to those around us! Aim to live a big life, not just live big. Now that will leave a lasting impression!

Without further ado, here are the pics I promised. View the final after pics of everything here.

Take time to enjoy someone in your life today!