Well, I picked up this little gal and spotted her potential with her dainty features right off the bat.

She had been sitting there for a long, long time and had many years on her. She was needing a lot of love and attention. We tried to sell her as is but sometimes you just have to use your imagination and creativity and run with it. I didn’t know right off the bat what I was going to do with her…I just knew I would do something.





Lots and lots of sanding later….a full two days with a few stubborn spots here and there left, I thought maybe I would go for the natural look and allow the dark finish to show around the main curves and crevices. I put some new fabric on her.

Honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it…I don’t think “Millie” was dancing over it either.

It just wasn’t quite what I wanted to achieve. Looking better though….a step closer.



So, I sat with it for a while and knew she would speak to me.

Sure enough, I got inspired.

Coincidently, my plan was to do gray, however, she ended up turning into this beautiful lavendar-gray color with the mahogany bleeding through in certain areas, it was beautiful. Which is ironic, since I had this fabric lying around with no use for it any more since I had changed my color scheme.

I just used a gray spray paint color from Rust Oleum and quick rubbed her out with a dry rag. I didn’t want a solid color, instead I just wanting something delicate, subtle and worn.

This is what we ended up with. The new and improved “Millie”.

What do you all think? Really the picture just doesn’t do her justice by any means. She really did speak to me though. Thanks Shauna for your advice 🙂 as far as letting the furniture speak to you. Not every piece is the same – that is for sure. Be sure to visit Perfectly Imperfect Blog. Shauna is uber talented at refinishing furniture and you can see each piece has it’s very own soul. So be sure to check her out for inspiration and ideas.

Well, hope you enjoyed this little before and after of “Millie”. I just can’t decided whether to keep her and hope to find her a special place or sell her to someone who would love her! Hmmm….

Well, TTFN. Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!