Hi All,

Well, here is another one of my latest projects which I am happy to share with you. It’s funny, you never quite know what is in store when you go to or rather “unfinish” a piece in this case.

I inherited a table that is years and years old, who knows just old but boy oh boy was it beat up. the finish was looking more like a thick goop of paint chipping off in all sorts of areas. I figured I would go all out and strip and sand her down to the bare wood and decided what to do after that. I thought about attempting another shot at dark grey or a cream of some sort but I wasn’t necessarily stuck to the idea…I was more open to the possibilities. So, in the process of applying the stripping agent, the first layer bubbled up as I was applying it. So, I did a test scrape thinking, wow, awesome, this is so ready to come off, only to find about 1-2 other layers of paint underneath. So, than I thought to myself, you know what, why cover up something that is screaming to get out. All these years of people and colors added to this piece…I decided that was a finish in itself.  Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

So, I have been naming my pieces, it’s a silly thing perhaps but I just think it’s piece has its own story to tell. Anyways, while doing this piece I was thinking about an old dear neighbor of mine. She was sweet lady who I referred to as Aunt Jo. I used to march next door and visit with her and we would sit at the kitchen table, talk and have a snack. I miss her sweet hugs. It was like my own little escape.  I mean, with two rowdy brothers I sought out tranquility and peace. Anyways, I was inspired to use her name, well part of it anyhow to name the piece after, so I named her Josephine.  Her full name was Johanna, but I just called her Aunty Jo. Anyhow, this piece I decided to leave “unfinished” and sand it down to a smooth finish with the layers and life coming through. It sure does bring me joy every time I look at it. It’s like that feeling of comfort when you snuggle into bed, or curl up with a cozy blanket or embrace a cup of hot cocoa. It just sends that “ahhh…” feeling rushing over me. So, I thought I would share with you the before and afters.



Would love to hear about pieces in your own home that send that feeling of comfort right to your core!!!!! Do share.

Well, hope everyone has a fabulous friday.