I’m back!

Ok it seems like forever, sorry. I went on a bit of a hiatus with this Thanksgiving business. I’m just not quite that disciplined in blogging daily. I could a use a little support. So if you all are reading and liking it, let me know. I want to hear from you. Sign Up to get my posts via email. Leave comments. Share! That way I know who you are. If you have questions, sent them my way. I have enough ideas whirling through my head most of the time so I might even be able to hurl some creativity your way. Yes, that’s right, if you are feeling creative deficient this holiday season, no problem. Look no further. I have a few gift  ideas that are so inexpensive you may just get tickled with enthusiasm this Christmas season.

So, here’s a few ideas I have in mind. I have to admit most of them are more for the lady of the house, but then again, some of the guys in our lives might benefit from a little extra  inspiration in their rooms as well. 🙂 The first however is a great one for guys and ladies.

Some of them I have made, repurposed in a new way, some of them bought and a few good finds I will share with you guys in case you haven’t seen them or figured out just what to do with them. So, get ready. Here we go. Each day I will give you a new idea, so for the next week and a half ish tune in each day to get a great idea. Okie Dokie. Here we go.

On the First Day of Christmas….

This is for all the coffee holics, out there. How about a coffee sampler pack, I found some great flavors at Target in the dollar bin section, Ghirardelli has a to die for Chocolate Cinnamon Almond flavor. Major score! They had other yummy flavors like Chocolate Carmel and Chocolate Peppermint as well. I personally like to splurge on a yummy flavor every now and then but who wants to buy multiple flavors in 2 lb. bags. That would get expensive fast. So, buy samplers. They are a lot cheaper and more fun cause you can try different flavors and mix it up.

Throw it in a cool repurposed christmas jar or tin that so many of us have lying around but never know what the heck to do with. Add some gourmet desserts or cookies or make some of your own or some peppermints. Leave it at that or add a special handmade or store-bought ornament, or the latest good read if you’d like. Oh and you can even throw in a nice set of specially monogrammed coffee mugs or a fun set that you see. You could do the typical holiday mugs but I am a fan of finding something that people can use all year round. Check these out for ideas or inspiration at Pottery Barn. You could even find ones cheap and have them monogrammed.

A nice hot cup of coffee always goes great with a  great book and a warm, snazzy chenille or cable knit throw blanket wouldn’t you say? Heck, if the book is in great condition, order it off of Amazon or Barnes and Nobles or head to your local Good Will if you know what you are looking for. You never know what you will find there. Maybe a vintage book with a childhood classic.

Ok well, I must confess, most of the time me and my coffee go hand in hand with my laptop but I don’t imagine most of us will be freely giving those out, so stick to snacks, books and blankets with a fun new coffee mug. It’s a great relaxation theme – and all of us could use that during the Holiday season.  So, jump, jivin’, java it is!

Speaking of, I am enjoying a cup of Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Cinnamon Almond Coffee right now! Delicious!

Well, here’s to the cup a joe and it’s off to sipping I go! Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! 🙂