Hi everyone!

Well, if you are here that means you are ready to hear another great idea for Day 2 of the Twelve Days of Inexpensive Christmas Ideas.

So, I will continue with my theme of monograms….that’s all..I promise I won’t monogram you to death. Seriously, though, monograms are very classy and elegant. Stick with a white towel or at least a neutral and you can’t go wrong.

If you are snazzy with the sewing machine and happen to have one that does embroidery than head off to TJ Maxx or Marshalls to grab a few on clearance. You can pick up a nice hand towel for anywhere between 3.99 and 8.99 ish. It depends if you hit the jackpot and snag one off of the clearance rack but usually they are right around 8 bucks. Pick a snazzy thread color to coordinate with the persons bathroom if you know in advance, if not, black or gray or tan are a safe bet as they are great neutrals that go with just about anything. Another idea is monogramming it in a white thread, that way you can still see the monogram but it won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you are concerned about color coordinating.

If you aren’t either handy or have an embroidery machine, go to your local seamstress or look for a somebody that does embroidery in your area to see if they can do it for you in the time frame and budget you need.

So, what better to go with those fresh and classy, new monogrammed hand towels?…well, how about a few fragrant designer soaps of course!  Again, TJ and Marshalls never disappoint! They always have a crazy selection when it comes to that stuff. Otherwise, there is always Bath and Body Works which is nice because there are scents for both guys and gals.  Oh and truly, if you are really desperate, there’s always the Dollar Store. Caution though, be selective. Sometimes you can score name brand stuff from there and other times it may be better to just pass it up.

So, now you have 2 or 3 monogrammed towels, throw in some nice decorative soaps and that leaves…hmm…how about a nice scented candle. Probably something soft and calming. Some people are more sensitive than others to smells so  I try to keep that in mind if that’s the case or just leave out the candle or do a natural soy based one. Less chemicals. Lavendar is great for calming but some people don’t care for the smell. So just try and find something fresh and clean perhaps.

Throw it all in a beautiful woven basket or tray, or just a decorative box if you want to save a little extra money. Roll up the towels with the monogram on front, layer the soaps in front with or without the candle and tie it with some fabric christmas ribbon and there you have it!

For cheap baskets, try Big Lots, Target Clearance or  Walmart for your best bets or even Pier 1. Just be on the lookout or repurpose an old one you have that you don’t want or need any more.

Oh yes before I forget, I was shopping around for monogrammed towels to see what’s out there check out this great steal buy at Neiman Marcus which includes free monogramming for a white hand towel it’s only $7.49. Not to shabby! It’s a closeout so it won’t last long but shipping is before christmas. It gives you a great choice of threads and monogram styles to choose from. Check it out!

 Well, that’s it for Day 2 of Christmas Gifts for Cheap!

Hope that helps knock one more person off your list, well in a good way! 😉

Stay tuned for Day 3 tomorrow!

Happy Hunting!