Okay so it’s Day 3 and time for the next holiday gift idea.

This is my favorite idea I think so far, but for some reason, people always forget about combining this with something. It something most people drink, there’s a few that don’t, but you can always change it out accordingly. I mean, you can never go wrong with this. It will be eaten or drank by someone at some point in time…that’s right you guessed it. Wine!!!

So, hears a few options depending on your giftee’s preference.

1. Gift option for the wine connoisseur or somewhere in that realm of enjoying wine.

A nice bottle of wine to start as your gift base. Than what goes better with wine than crackers and gourmet cheese. World Market has a crazy selection of stuff like these things and the smaller sizes of gourmet foods that go well with a cute mix like this. 

Sauvignon Blanc is generally a good option because it goes with a wide variety of foods or even a Chardonnay.

Oh and for a little bling you could always add a wine stopper. You can never have enough of those. Well, I certainly don’t. Maybe others do. Confession, I use my snowflake one I got several Christmases ago all year long…shhh. I know it’s bad, I have to get an all season one lol.

2.Gift Option for the Beer Fanatic. Maybe they like cheap beer for everyday but who doesn’t want to try something new every now and then. Go to your local liquor store and look for a gourmet brewed beer. There is everything from sweet beers to bitter. So, if they don’t like sweet, stick with bitter. If they drink wine as well, try a sweeter one like a cider beer.

Throw in a great recipe for a beer bread mix and some type of nut assortment with a nutcracker just in case or go for a mix you can pick up in a can that has already been shelled. I think it’s a little nicer to go with fresh in the shell because you just don’t see that all that often these days and a nut crackers, sheesh what’s that. It’s really unique to have though. So there you have it. Beer, a beer bread mix and some fresh assortment of mix nuts. Don’t forget the cracker if you choose that route!

Okay, so final one…

3. For the hard liquor lover. What better than a bottle of nice whiskey, vodka, rum, gin…you get the idea. I’m sure if you know they enjoy hard liquor than you probably know what to get them. Add a jar of mixed olives (gourmet people, not the kind you find in your local produced aisle lol. Go to Trader Joes or again World Market because they get things imported from countries that specialize in certain food products. Add crackers and cheese still yet or for a change how about a link of spicy summer sausage?…What about a handy set of martini glasses?

These are just suggestions and of course you can mix and match and customize according to what your preferences and budget is. So, hopefully this gets your brain whirling off in the right direction with plenty of options to choose from.

You can potentially make this gift very reasonable or more extravagant depending on size, pricing and options. So, there you have it.

You can rarely go wrong with food as a gift, just make sure they don’t have some crazy nut allergy or unable to drink alcohol, gluten intolerance, etc. You get the idea.  You are probably thinking oh, geez I didn’t even think of that, oh no, now I have something else to worry about. Don’t stress. If you don’t know, just ask…Casually of course!  If you can. If not, than just ask I suppose. Just don’t allude to why…or you will take a chance of ruining the element of surprise lol.

Well, that’s it for today, stay tuned for tomorrow. I have an idea up my sleeve already!

Jamie 🙂