Hey all!

I can’t believe Friday is here already. I don’t know about you but I’m on a mission to finish Christmas shopping by next week. I want to have a week to enjoy things, bake cookies, just sit and enjoy the Christmas tree and beautiful lights. Oh wait, that would require me to put up my Christmas tree first. Ugh. I love when it’s done, don’t get me wrong and I even love putting all the ornaments and ribbon on, BUT setting it up and fanning out the limbs and stringing on the lights, well, that is by far my least favorite parts. Oh well, guess you have to take the good with the bad, right? 😉

Ok say, forgive me in advance because this post will be a little short on ideas and descriptions. I have had a few Christmas crafts up my sleeves and I’m trying to get my ideas, pictures and thoughts organized to share with you guys before Christmas has flown by. Ahhhh!

Ok say, this post rather than being one concept or idea is a few little ones so bare with me.

Option 1: The BBQ gooroos who grill all year-long (that is definitely my neighbor and I love him for it!) gourmet BBQ sauce, BBQ skewers for Kabobs – the long ones, and what better than a nice order of Omaha steaks. I just got a coupon in my valupak for a ton of different cuts, filet mignon and a free bonus gift for $59 or somewhere right around there. Now, that may be a little pricey, so stick to gourmet sauces or marinades.

Option 2: I have seen this in quite a few places in different decorative options but I think those appetizer plates that come all snugly tucked in a coordinating holder are a great for dessert, snacks and hors d’oeuvre I recently found them in a fun Christmas pattern at Old Time Pottery for a set at only $4.99. I also just saw them at TJ Maxx in vegetable themes, sunflowers, etc. for $7.99. It just depends, where and how many.

Here’s a an example in case you are wondering what on earth I am referring to that I found on the Pampered Chef site. You can shop around if this is out of your price and find them way cheaper elsewhere, but it’s definitely a cute set.

Add a fun set of hors d’oeuvres forks, add some festive paper napkins or a nice clean set of white linen napkins to go with and there you have it! You can get this for probably around $15-$20 or under depending on how good of a bargain hunter you are determined to be 🙂

So, because I’m silly I can’t leave you with an even number of options, I prefer odd numbers so I will throw a third option in there just to make myself sleep restfully. lol. ok I am not that bad but you got have at least 3. That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it.

Option 3: Vintage is in! The metallic gold and silver that looks worn and aged over time. Everything from candle holders, to frames, to vases, hurricanes, you name it. What about a beautiful decorative glass ornament…you know the big size ones. They are beautiful. You could even buy a set. I found a nice size one for $4.99 and a beautiful gold one for only $9.99. That’s pretty decent. They are and usually come with a ribbon but you can always add something a little more fun and hop over to the fabric store if you want to take it a step further. It’s more of a sentimental gift and that may or may not be up your alley.

So, those are a few ideas. Some for guys some for everyone, some for the decor finatics like me. I’m hoping you find something between Day 1 and Day 12 that sparks your interests that you can find useful. It sure is keeping me thinking to come up with all these ideas, so I hope they pay off! hah!

Well, time to work on some crafty ideas for you guys. I have got to take a trip to craft store so I can finish them, I have at least 3 up my sleeve so stay tune in the next few days for those!

Happy Shopping!