Okay everyone, wow this is my third post for the day only because I am trying to keep up with myself and get caught up as well. I know I mentioned in one of my posts “Living Big In A Small Space” that I was repainting our living room – Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams to be exact. So, the basic premise of it is done. I am hoping to add a vintage chest of drawers or a hutch eventually for china storage and to add some warmth and character to the room as well as a few small accessories here and there and eventually a french style occasional arm chair in possible leather. I found one on Craigslist that I’m drooling over but it’s a little over my budget at the moment so waiting to see if it comes down a little. Well, so anyways, you get the point, I will still be adding/modifying as I go. Design is really never a finished process. You get the basics done but the fun accessorizing and collecting parts are done over time. That’s what makes a house a home.

So, without further waiting, I included a couple of shots of before and after. I did have to include an after shot that has slightly changed because the couch in it we got rid of but it was the only nice shot I had without hubby and dog chilling on the couch  for you to get a good idea of the entry way area. Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear what you think.


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