Hello everyone. Hope you all had a terrific weekend. I know it kind of flew on by for me. It was busy, busy, busy. Although hubby and I did manage to get a little down time in yesterday, thankfully. I figured I would take the weekend to get caught up on things and actually spend time with my family. Sorry if you were anxiously awaiting Day 5 of Christmas Ideas for Cheap. The good news is I’m back so I hope you are ready for Day 5 today!

Here’s an easy one and while it may be a little boring, this is for the person who is impossible to shop for. We all have at least one of those people in our lives. So inevitably what do you get them, that’s right….a gift card. Not just any gift card though, because I have been hearing how gift cards sit around in drawers unused which is a little ludicrous to me. If somebody is going to spend their hard-earned cash on me the least I can do is use the gift card instead of wasting it away. That is just wrong people! Use your gift cards – you know who you are, so please at least pass the blessing along to someone who can or would like to use it. It’s not doing anybody any good sitting in your drawer ready to expire. Ok, so enough on that topic.

Here’s how you can make sure you don’t go wrong, get a visa or MasterCard gift card – that way at least you know they can use it anywhere and they aren’t subject to one type of store.

Sorry if it’s not ultra creative, but it sure is ultra practical! I haven’t ever passed one up, I don’t know about you. It works!

Well, I will be forced to think of 7 more ideas on how to shop without going broke for the Holidays. I have a few more in mind but I just wanted to get this one out-of-the-way, as it’s always an option.

Well, that’s it. I’m off to finally set up the Christmas Tree.

See you tomorrow.