Okay, so we are at Day 7, just over half way through. I hope you guys all have at least a leg up on shopping! But like most of us, the majority probably either choose to wait or have to wait until the last possible moment when we are all stuck in line, impatiently tapping our feet, stressed about money and desperately wishing we could just relax for one little quiet moment. To the rest of you who plan ahead or aren’t waiting for that one paycheck to shop, kudos to you. Regardless of what predicament we are all in this year, take a day, carve it out on the calendar prior to Christmas and sit back, read a christmas book or two with the family, make yourself a glass of hot cocoa, make a fire, watch a christmas classic, snuggle in and just RELAX! Think about the birth of our savior, write a little thank you note to God and/or to someone you love. Find something that you are grateful for this season and embrace it. I know I am thankful I still have a roof over my head. Hubby and I have had a challenging past couple of years but I still see God extending his hand of grace to us. A lot of us have felt the stress of this past year. Many people have suffered the loss of a home, a loved one, got bad news about their health, a lost job, etc.

I promise there’s a point to what I’m saying…I’m not just trying to depress everyone, but on the contrary, I just want to simply remind us all of something. No matter what you are doing between now and the Day of Christmas, we all need to remember to take a moment to ground ourselves.

There is always chaos everywhere, disappointment, stress, grief. A lot is expected of us, but we should also expect more for ourselves and not give up.  Take time to breathe deep. Pause for a moment, take a moment for yourself to just be. Even if our world is crumbling around us, there is usually that small spark of life that beckons to keep moving on. We must remind ourselves again to find joy in the simplicity of life, in those whom we love, making sure to take the time to show them that we care and that we are present.

Let the chaos subside for a moment and just take a day to breathe in the life you were blessed with. No matter how hopeless things often seem, there is always a spark of hope, of light tiny or invisible as it appears, if we search closely enough, it is within reach. It’s there – I promise! You may have to uncover a few things to get to it, but it’s waiting to come out and give you a renewed sense of vision. A beacon of light, though it appears small and miniscule from a distance, is none the less powerful from far away.

Okay, so that’s my pep talk for the mid-point of Christmas craziness. Now on to the ideas. The next one is simple but I think it could be very unexpected and very profound.

I call this a treasured box. Really what it boils down to is a decorative box. They are everywhere. It doesn’t have to be all fancy and decked out, necessarily. It could be something as simple as wooden box, stained in a rich color. It could be something you made yourself. It has to be nice of course, solid. Nothing cardboard, preferably. 😉

So, why? because you can do a thousand and one things with this – you can hide your keys, your remote controls, CD’s, pens, a few keepsakes, love notes, the list goes on. Everyone should have at least one because they are both useful and they add great deal of character to your home decor space. I personally put our remotes in them and it goes with my little vignette on the entertainment center of keepsakes, books and apothecary jar of pinecones.

Ok so make sure its a decent size so there’s more possibilities for use, nothing tiny that you can’t put anything in or do anything with. It has to serve a purpose other than a decoration.

 Now, what I want you to do next is write a handwritten note to the person you are gifting it too. Find something to either say thank you to them for, write a note of encouragement if they are going through a tough time, a scripture verse to lift them up, a powerful quote, but please, just write something that will put a smile on their face. Write something that will take a moment to celebrate that person and remind them of why they are special to you. Why you appreciate them, why they make the world a better place, whatever you think is right for you and that person. Find something good and write about it. Give it to them nestled inside that beautiful decorative box…now it has become a treasured box!

We all can flourish with a little love and encouragement. So, get your writing on! Time to challenge ourselves beyond just the surface. It might be a little challenging for some, more than others, but  press in. You can do it! I have faith in you! 😉 We all need something and something to treasure, and someone who treasures us!

Well, let me know how it goes. You might just change someone’s life, if not their day at least!

Happy Thoughts,