Hey everyone!

So, I was viewing some of my favorite blogs and I noticed this cute little wreath that everyone is making using 3 simple things, a wreath form, coffee filters and a good old glue gun. In need of a little something extra fun in the living room, I decided why not…what the heck. So, off I went to our local dollar store. Unfortunately they were out of wreath forms but I picked one up at Joann’s for just under $3 bucks. Sweet. I also scored some really pretty royal blue raffia at the dollar store when I was there and swiped that up…poor old raffia old by itself in a bin of estranged random things of all places. Guess it was meant for me! ūüėČ

So anyhow, easy¬†project. You fold the filter in half¬†twice, squeeze some glue on one side of the bottom and press it on to the wreath form. I initially¬†started only doing one single one all the way around until I wised up and did 3 across, slightly overlapping each other working my around that way. Much better. Than, cause I just thought it needed some color, I made little rosettes with the raffia by winding it around my two fingers and then¬†pulling the last of the strings through the middle and around and tucking them in. Just play with it until it gets in a loose ball of raffia, add some glue, tuck in the wreathe and there you . It took me about 2 hours I wanna say and A LOT of glue sticks later. However, I just have the mini glue gun with the itsy¬†bitsy¬†tiny teeny ones to it doesn’t last long so I had to reload every few filters lol. So, for a few bucks you can make a very shabby chic wreath for inside the home. I’m loving it and glad I followed the trend!¬†I just loved it and couldn’t¬†pass it up. So, if you are feeling crafty you might want to¬†gift it a whirl and tell me what you think when you are all done.

So, what do you guys think? Nifty hah?….you could add some more stuff if you wanted. I think I will. I want to add those fun silver berries when I next grab some at the craft store, but I’m waiting for everything to go on discount and than I will grab them. Well, hope you enjoyed todays crafty idea. Maybe it will get you in the mood if you haven’t been already.

Happy Friday!