Okay everyone, I’m back. Wow, has it been crazy busy, you know how that goes. Yesterday, was a combination of Christmas shopping with hubby and celebrating our anniversary. So,

Well, Day 8 idea is pretty simple, but none the less useful. What about a serving tray? They are so versatile. They can be displayed laying on an ottoman with a nice mini vase of fresh-cut flowers, a small decorative jar, a book and a place to rest your beverage if you are short on table space or just want something close and convenient to you. They come in all different styles. A leather one, a wooden one, a vintage silver one, all timeless and good options for any decor. You can use them for breakfast in bad as well or lay them on a console table as part of a beautiful vignette of items. So, they basically have several purposes to serve as and add a touch of elegance to any indoor space.

If you are super crafty you can make it yourself but using an old cabinet door and attaching handles or making one from scratch with a flat wooden board and adding trim, or you can use and old vintage window as well.

Check out this picture on Crafty Nest’s Blog for inspiration.

So, that’s my simple idea. I hope you like it.