Okay Day 11 and here we are. I have managed to get my Christmas cards printed out and all but one addressed. It seems a  lost art. I have officially received one. I used to get so excited at around Christmas to see how many I could collect to display as part of my art. It seems everything is either emailed or nothing at all. Sad. I refuse to not send them. Who doesn’t like receiving something other than junk mail and a dreaded bill in the mail. Isn’t nice to receive a card or a handwritten letter or note? I know, I know postage is obnoxious but if we can at least send it to the people who are near and dear to your heart at the very least it’s a start.

Well, enough on that side topic :). So, Day 11 of Christmas Ideas, this is a little mundane I must admit ( I’m running out of ideas at this stage 😦 ) but quite useful. How about a gift card to your gifted’s favorite food spot or restaurant. Everyone likes a nice meal out once in a while. Some of us have a favorite place, if not, choose a nice place that maybe they haven’t been to before.  Most people would enjoy a free dinner! Wouldn’t you? Surely.

It’s a fail safe option for sure! With so many places offering gift cards, half of which you can pick up at your local Walgreen’s, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. You don’t often have to run far. Though if you are going for something less main stream, more quaint, than apologies you will have to probably put in a little more effort and possibly drive a bit further, but then again, maybe there’s a fabulous place nestled snugly within the convenience of your own town that they can try out. Perhaps this is for someone out-of-state, this might require a little extra research on your part. Check out local reviews for eateries in their area and get reviews online. Talk about a custom gift huh? 😉

Alright, so that’s the plan for Day 11. I’m sure someone you know fits into this category of a gift.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow. Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Cheap!