Hi All!

So, I had a few extra materials lying around the house, one of which was an old painted picture that I didn’t have use for and decided to repurpose it, some scrap paper, raffia, thumbnails and a little glue.

I pasted on the scrapbook paper in 3 sections because I didn’t have enough paper to glue just one sheet on 😦

Place the thumbtacks accordingly and wrapped the taffeta twice around each tack.

Voila. Instant Christmas Wall Art. It’s a combination of  whimsy, cottage and primitive. Simple yet fun. What do you all think?

I had it hanging and than moved it to a side table on the other side of the room.

You could also use ribbon, jute, or whatever else you have handy. I would love to do more of these in square shapes in different sizes and do a vignette.

If you don’t have scrapbook paper, you could use a cool sticky contact paper, that would be much smoother, wallpaper, heck if you wanted to do something simple, you could even do craft paper or newspaper or and old paper bag, leave it as is or paint it, or just decorate your cork board in your office with a little Christmas Spirit. No glue necessary there and you can just take it off when you are done. You could even do the star just made of thumbtacks or  nailhead trim. It’s your project so get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s what it’s all about.

I would have used some MDF board or pine and paint it but I didn’t have a saw though – hopefully after Christmas if Santa is good to me! 😉  Yes, that’s right people, I asked for a miter saw so for Christmas so I could get my wood craftiness on. whooting sound>  lol!

I want to be able to make basic frames and cuts of wood, mitered joints and all. I figure it’s time to just take the plunge into the unknown and see where it brings me. With all these ideas whirling in my head, I must have a way to execute them into reality of course. I have used power tools, I’m not utterly clueless so that’s the good news. I guess that Jr. High shop class with Mr. Menning did pay off! It started something I didn’t know I had. I’m no Norm Abram but I might have a few projects up my sleeves. 🙂  I’m learning it’s a lot of experiment, watching tutorials and getting ideas, measuring and even mistakes. Sometimes the “mistakes” turn into the best pieces of art. So anyways, enough about that. Going off into a tangent on my excitement for making things with wood.

Back to my original post of what I made. So, are you all going to make a star, have you made something likes this? Do you like it, hate, love it, etc.? Let me know.