Well everybody, Day 12 has finally come. I’m just about done with my shopping only a few small gifts left.  Totally not stressing at all about Christmas presents which is fabulous. How about all of you? What’s left on your list of to do’s?…

Well, today I was wracking my little brain thinking about what on earth I have to tell all of you to give for a final gift option. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking…as I was thinking I was realizing how cold I am in this crazy winter weather…layers and layers and that’s inside. Ok yes, our furnace is ancient among other issues, but it comes with owning an older home, especially. Anyway, it dawned on me, it sure would be nice to have a pair of stylish, warm, fuzzy, cozy slippers. Even better if they are dual purpose and have a bottom you can step outside in for a minute if need be. I understand you won’t be buying slippers for your coworker or neighbor but perhaps for your grandfather, husband, significant other, etc.

Trust me, they are always nice to slip into on a cold morning. Hubby uses his all the time. I HAD a cute leopard print pair but my dog liked them so much he kept stealing them from me every chance he got. Everytime my feet slipped out, he was off to the races with them. Thus began the pattern of chasing him around the house. Comical I know. So, reluctanly after he had gotten his chew on many a times, they started looking a little neglected and plus I had gotten them several years back so they were looking a little worn to say the least, so, I handed them over. Of course than when I gave them to him to have at it, he was bored and didn’t want anything to do with them. Figures. Stinker. So, they were pretty much trash worthy and I chucked them out. I must confess, I miss them like crazy! They were my favorites. Which leads me to another gift option, mainly for girls, probably not for the guys, well, maybe some….Typically, most guys won’t admit to a pedicure lol, even without the clear nail polish but most would actually enjoy it. So, anyways, how about one of those foot baths and a pedicure set?

Or for a guy, well guy or girl, since we are all usually stressed at some point of the week, this one is sooooo. cheap! It’s called a snuggle sock.

You have a few options:

1. You can make it pretty and use fleece or some kind of cozy fabric that has a tight weave hand or machine sew a tube or rectangle with an opening on one end, put in rice or beans of some sort ( no not cooked either) and sew up the end and voila.

2.You can make one using a sock, preferrably a nice looking one if you must, not something that’s been around a while, just saying and either stich it at the end after you fill it or put a rubber band and ribbon on the end. (My least favorite option for a gift, but if it’s just for you, than it does the trick. If you want to do it with a sock, than for directions on how to do so visit this Ehow.com article.

3. You can head to your local Walgreen’s, CVS, or most other stores to hunt for one, It probably won’t be called a snuggle sock though, FYI, probably a neck warm, or sock warmer. Something of that nature. You will know when you find it though.

So, now you or rather the person you are gifting this to, can have something to heat up in the micro for no longer than two minutes and wear around your neck to warm up or help bring relief to a headache or neck ache. They are pretty amazing, I must say.

I used to have the sock version that was made at some girlie spa party a long time back but it got kind of worn so I ended up replacing it with a nice fleece one at found at my local Aldi’s for cheap, and a lot cozier too. They are definitely not too pricey at all. I got mine for just under $10. You could add some essential oils for relaxation if you think they might enjoy something like that. I love Eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender.

So, that’s it, a few de-stressing gift options to choose from: slippers, foot bath, snuggle soak a pedicure set and some essential oils to destress and unwind with. Just customize it according to your budget and what you know they would enjoy.

That makes me want to take out my snuggle sock and relax. Ahh……

Well, have a relaxing weekend.

Happy Final Days of shopping. I hope some of these ideas help you guys out. I hope Santa is good to everyone and that everyone was good this year! 😉

Take care.