Hi all!

Well, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all! It gets so hectic in December, in addition to shopping for Christmas, I have several friends with December birthdays as well. So, the past few days have been spent getting everything in order, wrapping presents and working out! I know working out doesn’t have anything to do with crafting and design, well, not directly anyway. For me  though, while crafting, design and decorating are my one main vice for me, I have really tried to make it a point to put myself first and take care of myself before all else. It is more a challenge to keep that time carved out for me and not let it get filled in with other things, like friends and spur of the moment stuff. So, every day it’s something I have to work out. So, basically, in a nutshell, I’m a much happier and creative person when I take the time to eat healthy and exercise. It’s additionally, a great built in stress reducer. Anyways, ’nuff about that. 🙂

So, I should have something up later tonight or tomorrow. I am working on decorating some wreaths and fun winter art work. So, I will post some of those Christmas craft ideas soon! So, don’t forget to check back tomorrow evening. I should definiting have it up by than.

I hope everyone is doing well!

I would love if all of you could say a pray for my blog friend Shaunna and her husband. Her husband Matt is facing a few health challenges right now and last I heard might have to be hopsitalized. He has an internal obstruction. So please pray that God would bring healing and repair to him and for strength for all of them as they face this challenge. Let’s hope and pray they can celebrate this Christmas in good health!