Ok all, I promised I would be back within the day to show you my recent creations from yesterday for fun christmas projects. This one is more of a winter art project, which is even better in my opion. Why you ask? Strategy!

I don’t know about all of you but I get a little nervous post-Christmas thinking about having to take all those lovely, fun, sparkley decorations down. It just feels so naked after the first week. Eeek. So, having something that can last all winter long is a perfect decor accessorizing strategy.

I did get inspiration from a local blog fan at Racks and Mooby that made her own version of snowflake specimen art. I told her I was so inspired by her art, I was going to attempt my own version. So, Kyra, here’s what I came up with! 🙂

I purchased a sheet of sparkley silver foam at Joann’s for a $1 something and snagged a bunch of these white irredescent snowflakes that were clearanced for like $.30 or something crazy low like that. They orginally came on a wire stick but I just cut it off with my floral wire cutters. Easy peasy.

The frames I had already because I have an art gallery on our entry wall already so I changed out the graphic art to this new season art. I love changing things up, especially during the seasons. I did orginally purchase the frames from Target though, only to find cheaper and better quality ones made at Walmart later. Oops. That’s a whole other topic though lol. So anyway, I just cut the foam to just over 5×7 to just sit over the opening of the mat. Put a 3D photo mounting square on the center of the snowflake and stuck it to the foam. Any mounting sticker would work though or even glue if you don’t have any. Unfortunately, I didn’t know quite what I was going to do when I purchased the foam, so I just got one sheet – enough for two 5×7 openings. So, I had some irredescent blue scrapbook paper left over so I just put that in the middle for now. Eventually I will go back to to the store to get another foam sheet (crossing fingers they still have some) or maybe the blue irredescent paper cause it pops grat against the white irredescent snowflakes. All the snowflakes were the same shape and so graphically that just wasn’t going to cut it. I couldn’t have 3 of the same snowflake in an art gallery display! oh no! So, what did I do to solve that problem?  I just broke off different parts of the snowflake to create different variations. If you look closely at the pics you will see. Talk about an easy solution to make multiple variations of the same concept. I was pretty happy with it.

So, that’s it, took about 3 minutes to do and I love it. Like I said, I may go back and get the sparkley foam or perhaps look for the blue paper cause I rather like that too. Or, I may just leave it as is for now. Who knows. 🙂

So, that’s my project. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.


A Few Days Later:

Okay all, I eneded up getting over to Joann’s last night and fixed my little project in the middle. Ah, it feels better now that it’s all cohesive. These pics just don’t do it justice, that I can promise you! I just love how they sparkle. So, I uploaded the revised version so you can see it all together in it’s glory!


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