Hi all! I can’t believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Yikes! It sure comes and goes so quickly doesn’t it? Ok well, I guess I won’t talk about it going, instead I will focus on it still yet to come!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite homemade ornaments with you guys. I started off with the plain, clear ornaments.

I made a few different variations and just kept it pretty simple – fun ribbon, glitter sticky letters, some sparkles and there you go.

The great thing is you can make them and customize them for your color scheme, by adding ribbon and sticky letters in your color of choice. It’s so easy, you could even do this project with some of your kids. They could even make their own. I usually end up getting the stickers either on clearance at the craft store, but more often at the Dollar store. Ribbon, the same. You can find it anywhere. Add some sparkles or fuzzy ribbon on the inside, berries, whatever you want that will fit inside. The possibilities are endless. Literally I could just sit and make all these fun different ornaments.

I will mention one specifically, that I made as a gift for my husband several years ago. It was along the concept of a time capsule ornament. I put a little saying inside to him filled with fake snow and put our monogram on it since our anniversary is in December. He loved it of course.

So have fun looking. Maybe a book ornament is in order soon. 🙂 I haven’t come across the clear ones recently to stock up on more and I’m so wanting to make more. Will have to go hunting for them later tonight or tomorrow. Making home-made ornaments is so much fun! What about you guys?…have you ever? I would love to hear your homemade ornament ideas. So, please share! 🙂

Well, take care and I will see you after the holidays – unless I have a sudden urge to post something :)…


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