So, today didn’t start off on the highest note, but we managed to make the day end on a decent one.

I had the pleasure of waking up to a faucet that was dripping and wouldn’t shut off – of course right after hubby left for work. Things seem to just fall apart freely in my company lol. With the hot water valve shut off and the main valve, the think was still dripping. Lovely! Luckily I managed to get it down to a slow drip after turning everything off.

Later that afternoon my dad came and tried replacing the parts with no such luck so back to the original ones which were apparently placed in the wrong way, how they had worked for song is beyond me. We finally had it working properly. Yay! However, after the most recent repair of repairing the drippy faucet in the bathroom, we knew new pipes were around the corner. I didn’t anticipate that quite so quickly but well, gotta go with the flow! hah! Anyways, Dad is coming over on Saturday to re do the plumbing and of course Daniel and I decided to just replace the faucet…cause it’s old and the sink, cause that looks even worse off, old ceramic and it’s chipping like nobody’s business. So, hopefully we will have two new addition to our kitchen project on Saturday. Hoping and praying everything goes smoothly!

Anyways, since we are replacing the sink and the faucet, we figured we would price countertops and cabinets out…what the heck right. So, that of course required measuring and a little brain power, organizing and sketching things out. So, now I have a definite layout of what I want it all to look like. I’m definitely thinking of doing a different color on top, just for something a little unexpected. Maybe a dark grey on top, white for sure on bottom. I plan to add mini cabinets at the very top after we rip out the soffet that is sitting there wasting away space. 

I’m pricing everything out. So far cabinets minus mini ones are about $461 for the unfinished ones. We don’t have that much space so thankfully it’s not going to cost an arm and leg. A counter top is only about $100. We spent $98 on our sink and $68 on our faucet.  I’m estimating our floor to be around $200 and backsplash I’m still pricing out.

So, with a grayish brown faux wood vinyl floor, white cabinets, dark grey/black toned countertop and green accents I’m feeling the vision and getting super excited.

What do you all think?