Well Happy New Year everyone!

We started off our new year with a bang, a bang in our plumbing lol! We woke up to a drippy faucet a few days ago. Easy fix right? Not so much. Not when everything is old and rusted. Parts don’t fit, yada, yada. So, we temporarily fixed it and kept the old stuff in and decided it was time for a slight overhaul and upate – a new sink and faucet and a little new plumbing. We really wanted to put in new counter tops and a cabinets but that is going to have to wait until summer, hopefully! Meaning hopefully we can afford to redo the kitchen by than. So, saving up for that now!

So, I thought I would show you the before and after. Unfortunately, I don’t have a close up of our old cast iron sink and how bad it was. It was flaking everywhere and rusted. Not good. Just trust me between rusting, flaking, scratches and yellowing I was glad to see it go. Thank goodness for handy dad!

I picked out what color I want for the countertop and spotted some really retro fixtures at Menards that I plan to pick up soon so at least I will have what I want when the time comes for the remodel. I wish I could show you all but Menards is silly in that they don’t have a detailed website like Home Depot. Ridiculous I think. They are missing out on business that way, but what do I know?…lol

Anways, here are the pics. Yes, there is a lot of ugliness left in our kitchen, but I’m so thrilled with our new sink I barely noticed it. It makes quite the difference! 🙂

We just went with a stainless steel brush satin finished on the faucet and same for the sink and strainers. I love the high arched faucet. No more battling with sliding pots and pans underneathe to the otherside while rinsing.

Well, hope everyone enjoys a nice relaxing Sunday!