Is it just me, or does anyone else go through a post christmas blues phase?  Today I started taking down my christmas decorations <<whimper whimper>> and gosh it feels naked. Not to mention, I’m all frazzled because I had all my regular decor just so and was so happy with it and now it feels all amuck again. Ugh! Anybody? Maybe it’s just me lol. I really should have taken pictures of how I had everything because I can’t for the life of me remember how I had it – some of it I do, but not all. Oh, well, note to self for next year. I guess I will at least have something to preoccupy myself this week with! 😉

I did leave out a few select pieces that are great for winter decor too like my apothecary jars with cinnamon sticks, a jar of pine cones, etc. Some snowflake placemats that I just made. Wanna see? Of course I will share picks of that craft to you all. You betcha! Take a peak and tell me what you think!

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So I’m sure it’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically I just bought some burlap, cut it to the size I needed which was  a 14″ square and I found a cute snowflake stencil at the craft store and then stenciled it on to the burlap with some white acrylic paint that I already had. I than took a few threads off around the edge to give it a fringed edge and there you go. Easy peasy! Promise!

You just need fabric cutting scissors or heavy-duty sharp ones or a cutting blade and mat, some acrylic paint, a stencil and stencil brush and off you go. They are very simple which I love, and a little earthy at the same time. I had to do something to them, they were just too plain and besides, it’s still winter so there’s still room for SOMETHING seasonal lol.

Well state tune for a rearrange makeover and a few other fun things this week.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!