Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing good out their in bloggerville. Boy, the weekend sure did go by fast. Most of the weekend was spent doing returns, running errands and hunting for a few pieces to update our bedroom. I scored on quite a few deals from duvet covers to coverlets and shams. I am thrilled. I also ended up rearranging our room. It feels more spacious this way. It will look much better once we have a headboard to put up against the windown. It does keep the cold draft out much better.

The bedroom remodel left us pretty much broke after the purchase of our rug and remodeling costs because we had a horrible experience with hiring someone to finish it and than had to rehire someone to come back and redo over their crappy job, so basically bedding was pretty much a here and there sort of thing and it worked for the moment but I still was trying to figure what I wanted. I  knew I wanted vintage modern, but I also wanted to find a way to incorporate my other favorite color…green. The walls are painted Behr Pensive Sky, it’s a sort of bluish gray and it changes color depending on the light and what is around it. If you have brown and tan, it looks ice blue, if you have green, it’s likes green-blue I discovered this weekend. This actually made me a bit happier with the results. I’m in the process of hunting for a headboard. I did find one that I really like but it’s $400 plus dollars from the Nate Berkus HSN line. I’m considering making it myself, but we shall see. Maybe if I get a few more graphic design gigs lined up I can purchase it! 😉

Here’s some pics of what I have going on so far. I don’t want to give it all away because we still have to finish molding which I hope to get to this spring as soon as the weather warms up enough to paint outside again and the headboard of course. I’m also one the hunt for a beautiful vinyl lettering phrase for one of the walls because it’s just one big empty space. I think that would soften it up a bit. Possibly some new lamps down the road when I find a good steal.

So, here’s a breakdown of the deals I scored on: the Ralph Lauren Duvet cover which retails at well over $200 was on clearance for $39 at TJ Maxx. The green velvet coverlet from the Target Home collection, which was orginally being priced at $50 was on clearance for only $24.99. We did splurge on a new sheet set from the Thomas Obrien line which I will not repeat because as I said, it was a splurge. Oh well, they are worth it. I did return a lot of Christmas presents! 😉

So, essentially we have two patterns, one vintage motif,  one floral, and a sold pattern color along with neutrals.

I fell in love with the floral duvet cover because of the green tones and it had a bit of gray blue, browns, yellow and tan so I figured I would experiment and see if I could tie it in some how. I can only handle certain florals in small doses so I just wanted to use it in a small area at the end of the bed. I need a bit of feminine in their, everything else is very gender neutral, so, I thought that was a good compromise. The herringbone duvet we already had but the bedding was lacking in texture and color so I wanted to liven it up a bit. 

Here’s a pic of the headboard that I want.

We are most likely going to switch out our rug to a jute one that we found at Ikea. It is larger in size to fit the room better and has tiny specs of green in it for $89…so maybe next month. We tend to do it in stages because redecorating a whole space at once can be expensive and add up quickly, so we do a little at a time. I can’t wait to finally have a classy look headboard. That will be the big purchase most likely. The first new piece of furniture exclusively for that room. Yay! Well, besides the mattresses but that clearly is not fun and doesn’t count.

So, that’s a little splidget of what we are doing…what do you all think?