So, I guess after years of saving all those unneeded buttons, it came down to the need to utilize them for some sort of crafty DIY project. I did have another idea in mind, originally, but soon realized I didn’t have quite as many as I thought, so onto plan b….making a decorative ball.

What I used:

  • Hot glue
  • a baggy full of random assorted buttons
  • a styrofoam ball from the dollar store.

I just started glueing it took me maybe a half hour or something around there. I don’t know. I don’t usually time my projects because well, that just takes the fun out of it, right? But it is a quick project, not an all day type thing. A good snowy day project for sure!

So, what do you think? I plan to make more of different sizes but I have to get more buttons! Go figure! Just when I thought I could get rid of them. Hah!

They sure do add a fun pop of color and who doesn’t have a thousand buttons hanging around? Ok well, I did! lol But seriously, it’s totally a fun, project. I like a few fun and quirky art pieces hanging around. It’s a reminder that I do have a sense of humor and I’m not all serious!

What about you guys out their in blogger land? Do you have something that showcases your fun personality in a piece of art or other piece of house decor? Tell us what is and why you love it so much!

Can’t wait to hear!