So, today I got in one of my organizational moods. Poor hubby! Sometimes he doesn’t know what hits him!

As some of you may or may not know, we live in a very tiny, no joke, 2 bedroom house. No dining room and only one tiny hall closet that does big time multi-duty – bathroom stuff, coats, exercise equipment, board games, etc. The only other closet in the house is a jack and jill closet between the two bedrooms. So, yeah, talk about storage challenges. What’s worse is, I’m always going through and getting rid of things I haven’t used or don’t need – hubby says I have lack of comittment to my stuff! How rude! 😉

Seriously though, I can’t stand having too much stuff! I like simplicity. That’s what works for me. I see people who hoard stuff, I know a few as a matter of fact and that’s not something I care to practice! I want to have room to share my life and home with the people I care about. I want people to feel at home and at ease when they enter our home, not the contrary.

So, I have used a few of these tried and true tricks to get and stay organized. The work! Than, the next step is to figure out a good organizational system, that takes a little more planning in my opinion and a little inspiration. It also sometimes takes a little time to figure out exactly what the function of that space is going to have to be, will be, was, etc. That’s probably honestly what took me so long. This past year or so has been purging a lot of things from when we had our apartment and now that I have basically started with a clean slate this year, I can focus my brain!

However, if you do need some tips on organizing and purging, or an extra push to tackle your next project, see my blog entry on this very topic. Tips on how to get organized, titled You Can Do It!

Anyhoo, I have tried to make the best of this closet since we moved in just a little over 2.5 years ago. I have gotten to the point now where I just need more storage – NOW! So, I took a picture of what it looked like today, which is so not how I operate but I just got sick of trying to reorganize it after a while. So, I decided to buckle down and come up with a game plan. So, here is the before pic! It’s pretty bad I know – not to mention that it’s time for the blue paint color to go ba-bye! I love blue, but I have had enough with this color everywhere in our house, including our mud room. 

So no judging because you try living in a 732 sq. ft. house! Yes, that’s right! Unfortunately, about 50-100 of that is not even functional. Well, it’s not now, it will be when I’m done with it lol! But seriously, anyone who knows me, knows how much clutter and disorganization drives me bonkers! You can tell this is a little out of character for me, okay a lot out of character for me, but I was pretty much at my witts end with this disaster so thus the decision for a change! A drastic one!

So, here’s the to do list over this week for this project:

  • Paint walls
  • Tile Floor
  • Add new shelving and more of it.
  • Add Modular shelving

= After: A New and Mutli-Functional, Super Organized Closet Space!

So Stay Tuned!