Hey all!

So, I thought I would fill you in on my latest project…really it’s more like an update on a previous post, but hey, who cares right?….

So, a while back I started out on what I had intended was to be a photo wall, which, technically, I still have an an idea up my sleeve as I was inspired by something I saw at Pier 1 and just haven’t been able to get around to doing it. I have been busy working on a couple graphic projects for clients, so that always supercedes! 🙂

Anyhoo, it more turned into a collection of misc. art I created over the week while in the process of working on some projects. So, tomorrow I hope to snap a quick pic of the wall thus far so you can all see. I have a collage of antique frames, some painted, some in gold or chrome metal.

I have been adding some custom designed art along with some typography and quote art as well. In case you haven’t noticed, typography is very popular, along with the typography definition art that is often seen either on canvase or in the vinyl wall art. I gotta tell ya there is just something about words that can evoke so much depth and meaning even in their simplicity.

So, I came up with this today and thought I would share it with ya all! I hope to make a sign for the front door out of it soon!

I decided to keep it simple. I played around with backgrounds and colors and patterns and opacity but in the end, I just loved the simplicity of  just the words.

What do you guys think? Have you fell in love with this trendy word art too? Wish you coul have it in your home as well?….

Well if you would love some of it in your home I can offer you your own custom definition art!

Maybe there is a word that has personal meaning to you or a word that you would love to emphasize in your house – I can make it for you and in the color you need.

It will be printed on cardstock in an 8×10 size. Each piece is only $10 plus cost of shipping. If you would like it preframed, that is fine we can talk price and frame style as well.

If you like this first piece I just did, I’m offering a deal where you can buy one, get one half off! So, this piece would only be $5 and your second piece at the full price of $10.  What a dealio! 

Email me for all orders and I will give you my paypal email for your transactions.