…things in the house that is. So, I thought I would share with you guys some new concepts for adding a little ambiance in the house or outside that lessens the carbon footprint and saves you a little extra cash every month. I came across these little fellas while surfing the goods at Ikea. We all have seen for a while the solar powered lanterns and lights for outside, but now they are starting to become popular in the indoor realm as well. Maybe you saw them, may you didn’t. Just in case. Here’s a couple of their new lighting products I thought I would highlight.

These are from the Solvinden lines. This particular model is just $14.99 with a 2o ” diameter I’m thinking this sure would make a fun statement hovering effortlessly above your kitchen or dining room tables. The best part, no electrical wiring necessary. When it’s fully charge, it will hold charge for up to 12 hours and it even includes a handy dandy switch to preserve energy. Sweetness – not to mention the fun colors you can choose from.

SOLVINDEN Solar-powered lighting assorted colors Diameter: 20 "  Diameter: 50 cm

Also from the same line are hanging pendant lamps in choices of black and white, at little more at $19.99 a pop, however a much more modern and simple design condusive to most inside decor. This design comes with a pull string and both models included solar powered batteries like that of the outdoor solar lights we are used to seeing.

SOLVINDEN Solar-powered pendant lamp assorted colors Diameter: 8 " Height: 6 "  Diameter: 21 cm Height: 15 cm

So, this is definitely a step in the right direction for Ikea to offer this type of product. This is something I definitely plan on getting for our home. What do you all think -is this a product you would be willing to add to your home?

I mean, no electrical wiring, no extra electricity…no brainer for me anyway. Now of course you have to be sure you get enough light to benefit. We happen to face the east with lots of windows so no problem here. If anybody has bought these already and used them, feel free to share your thoughts on this new product. Would love to hear from you.