So, today as I was wondering through the lighting aisle at Home Depot trying to price compare and find the best style, in the desired finished, for the best price in lighting for our bathroom remodel (will fill you all in on that in a different  post because I will posting a video.) I was thinking of all you out there. Really I was.

I thought I know some of you have probably wondered the same thing…why on earth do they hang the lights SO high? I mean, do they think giraffes are meant to shop there? goodness.

No joke, every time I hit the lighting aisle, as if it’s not bad enough that you practically need sunglasses to enter the light zone, you have to kink your neck and stand as far back just to see what’s all going on up there. Talk about dizziness issues. Not good. So, maybe that’s why it’s my least favorite aisle. They should really do an experiment about that. I’m thinking that department probably doesn’t see much love?….

So, that’s my little splurge today. Maybe I should write in and recommend the display things a little closer to home…hah!

Well, with two stores down and two more to go, planning for a bathroom remodel is fully underway.  To give you a fun sneak peek. Here is our before and a quick pic I sketched out of my vision for the new bath.

I can’t wait – it’s been a long time coming. Hopefully everything will go smoothy.

What about you guys, would love to hear about your bath remodel experiences and see some inspiration pics from all your hardwork – especially all you DIY’ers out there.

So, hope to hear from you all soon.