So, in case you were wondering, I had posted a previous blog a ways back about a photo wall I was wanting to do. Well, it somehow morphed into this spring inspired art wall, which is fine with me. I plant to change it out frequently with seasons and what not so eventually a photo or two might be thrown up there if the mood so inspires ;).

I am rather addicted to birds and have been for some time now and nothing says spring like birds right?

I was kicking myself in the but the other day while outside with the dog because I had the perfect shot of a little birdie perched right on our back tree but didn’t have enough time to run back in and grab my camera. Plus, those little guys are fast and move around a lot. So, guess I will have to go on a nature walk soon and have the camera ready in hopes to catching a little bird action. There’s nothing like spring inspired art than capturing the real thing, right? Better luck next time.

 A few of the frames I got for free and repainted, all the art I did except the little egg wreath. A little green and turquoise to brighten the living room up and i just love it. I do have to find that sticky putty to put behind the frames because every time the door shuts or the dog jumps in the window, the tilt slightly. So, apologies for that. I keep fixing but it gets exhausting after a while lol.

What about you guys? any spring inspired areas in your home? Do share!

Well,  off to get a few things done.

See ya soon.