Well, it’s pretty crazy but hubby and I found out we are expecting. So, that office slash exercise room has officially begun pre-transformation into a nursery for the bebe.

I have some thoughts on color schemes for a boy or a girl. Been looking around for bedding to see what’s out there. So far, nothing has caught my eye. So far most just seems so, well, baby-ish. Nothing chic, mod, posh. So busy, so much. I have this vision in my head. I was originally going to do something colorful but then as I looked around my newly designed living room, I was reminded of my new taste for simplicity, vintage modern, and clean but bold with personality in lines and form. I don’t think fun color is in my future nursery plans. I am thinking something neutral but rich and posh. Modern lines, small-scale retro patterns, like Thomas Obrien type patterns. Browns, creams, grays. A patterned rug, a metallic lamp of sorts either in metallic silver or a tortoise-shell one I have that has a marble swirl copper appearance from Walter E. Smithe that would be perfect. I wanted to stay away from “gender neutral” like yellow for instance. Yellow is great, just not for me. It’s just not me, what can I say. Soothing colors, with great art on the fall, something the child can grow into. That’s what I’m thinking.

What about you guys? what are some nurseries you are inspired by or you have create that have inspired others. Would love to see and hear about it.