Sneak Peek & More!

While having a garage sale a couple of weekends back my uncle dropped off a few pieces of furniture to sell for him and I just stood there staring at this little lovely – and I knew right where it was going, home with me to be shown some serious TLC.  I mean who would want to pass up such a score? not me, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a complete and “official” before pic, thus the half-painted, oh crud I need a pic, kind of pic but none the less, here she is. 🙂 Half primed.


Some people are truly great about always having a camera to shoot as they go. This is something I definitely have to work on. I usually at least have my iphone because It’s quick, it works and it’s always on and I’m always snapping picks of the little lady but I didn’t happen to have it with me at the time and didn’t think about it until I began priming – of course! So classic of me. I’m always too eager to start the project rather than stopping to document the process. Totally working on that as it’s kind of part of the whole blogging thing – shocking I know lol.

On a deeper level though, I have to remind myself it’s not about the destination but the journey.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so caught up in getting to the next phase. I often find myself stopping abruptly wishing I could go back simply because I didn’t take enough time to stop and notice it in the first place. Usually, just brushing it off as an obstacle to be removed, or something to hurry through, rather than seeing it as a teachable moment needing to be embraced. Probably a moment that was meant to be part of the journey in the first place.

These moments I believe are of such great value. Ironically, most often they are just a whisper in the amidst the loud chaos surrounding us, constantly trying to get us to pause long enough to get our attention. Being wise enough to silence the chaos, so we can learn how to take it all in, now that I believe, at least for me, will be an evolving and life-long learning lesson.


And More…

Now onto the details. As I was documenting, a-hum, I mean painting and sanding, I remembered this little tool I had lying around with a sander on it. I needed to get into a couple tight spots to sand down some rough areas and I was tired of doing it by hand. So, I gave this little guy a whirl. Not to shabby I will say. We have already used the saw and scraper attachments with much success so I had enough confidence to test it out. Worked marvelous.  Super easy, it doesn’t vibrate  your arm off, and works hard, quickly. We picked it up from Menard’s for right around $30. Comes with all the attachments. It is not cordless though but that doesn’t bother me too much. So, if you looking for a multi-function tool, that you can use for jobs around the house, I thought I’d pass it on as it’s low on cost and performs quite well. It’s made by Tool Shop. Harbor Freight has as similar one but you have to buy the attachments separately. I’m not even sure this guy has additional attachments but I haven’t checked into it. Now I am thinking I will though.

Tool Shop Multi-Function Tool

Under $40

Check it Out Here


Time for more painting 🙂

– J