Have you ever refurnished a piece you just fell in love with? Well, this piece is definitely one of my favorites. I inherited it from my uncle. It was in pretty not so hot shape. Between warn varnish, broken hardware and that old musty smell well, it needed fresh eyes to bring it to its potential. Unfortunately, because I often rush in to my projects full force I didn’t think to of course snap a pic until half way through priming it. You get the idea.

So here’s the big before and after.  For more info on paint colors specifically you can read about that here in my original sneak peek post.

IMG_0287[1]IMG_0576[1] IMG_0578[1] IMG_0577[1]

After I sanded it down to the wood on the top, than did a rough sand everywhere else, I used Kilz latex primer – about 2 coats. The varnish wearing was on top thus why I sanded it down to the bones.

Mahogany is a tricky one because it often comes through pink so I figured I’d rather waste a couple of coats of Kilz rather than expensive paint. Good thing because it kept bleeding through. I could have used oil based which would have resolved the bleeding issue but I was trying to save on costs and I had the latex primer already. I ended up using a foam brush for the top, a foam roller for the remaining flat areas and a Perdy angled brush for the crevices and legs.

I sanded between each and every coat, primer included. So long story short, if you want that baby butt smooth finish, and you don’t have a sprayer than prepare to get your work on! It’s a lot of patience and elbow grease but she was worth it and it can be done.

I ended up finding the new hardware in a very limited size at Menards in Antique Brass Finish. This was way more time intensive than I thought it would be. I didn’t think to check hole size until it was all done. Oops! Did I mention how I jump right on in to my projects? 🙂

After painting it, it seemed like it needed something so I went back and did about 2 ish coats of Ebony stain just rubbing it in with a rag until I got it the way I wanted. This was my first time adding stain on top of paint. I was definitely taking a chance but it was well worth it. It gave it the richness it needed.

I let it cure for a good week inside before I added the Howards Wax. I did 3 coats of that. It’s not totally water-proof, more water-resistant but I wanted something more green and non-toxic so that was my happy medium. You have to re-wax every 3 months or so, sooner if it’s a frequently used piece. This piece isn’t so I think I will just do it a couple times a year. 🙂

Project Breakdown:

Valspar Super Flat Sable Evening Primer and Paint in One.

Kilz Primer.

Miniwax Ebony Stain

Orbit Palm Sander DeWalt

Med, Fine and Extra Fine Grit Blocks

Howards Feed n Wax Furniture Finish

If you have any questions on the process or tools I used I’d be glad to answer them.

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