Aside from being a graphic designer, creative thinker and amateur writer…

I’m pretty down to earth, a deep thinker, very analytical, while I do have a tendancy to take a life a little to seriously at times, I always appreciate a good hearty laugh which I figure balances it out – at least I hope! I lean more to the introverted side – which is a blessing and a curse at times. I have to work at getting out of my shell. I’m very organized, I work way too hard and have to remind myself to learn to play hard and lay low periodically.

I’m married to my husband of 7 years and a mom (sometimes I have to stop and think about that and pinch myself) to my beautiful now 10 month old baby girl. I am a Christ-Follower, which simply put means I’m pretty much in need of His Saving daily and desperate for His love in my life!

This blog is really dedicated to the ramblings that go on in my head and in my heart daily in hopes to at the very least, grow in my writing abilites, but more so find a more permanent anchor for all these thoughts.

Hopefully, I can use them as a place to evolve and grow and possibly inspire a few others along the way.

– Jamie