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While attending an outdoor event, our 18 month year old daughter was quickly enticed by a sandbox. She took a very keen liking to the process of shoveling sand into the bucket and nothing was going to tear her away from that little sandbox…ok well nothing except for mom and dad when it was time to go.

Needless to say, most toddlers don’t typically transition smoothly. She screamed like I had just cut her off from her new best friend in the world. Luckily the meltdown only lasted about 10 seconds, along with the feeling of being the worlds worst mother moment. Yes, I know, I’m not really, but it does feel like for a split second when your child is crying with tears in their eyes looking at you with those big sad eyes. I’m happy to report we both moved on from that moment quick enough 🙂 .

Prior to this I had been looking for a water and sand table on Craigslist and in the store to see what I could find. I didn’t find much that struck me that was worth the money for something she’d only get a couple of months use out of.  So, my creative energy forced me to come up with a cheap solution that would serve the same purpose.

First I thought of a baby pool because those are on clearance now. That left the problem of no top on it which is not safe with all the critters crawling in and out of it. So, clearly I needed something a lot more hygienic.  Not to mention they are a little rough around the edges.

That left sandboxes with tops, which can be quite pricy, even used I wasn’t too happy with pricing and driving all over Timbuktu. If you are lucky to find one that is reasonable at a store, you usually have to order them or travel far enough to find them in stock, especially by early September. They take up even more room. We definitely don’t have the room to store a huge sandbox and who wants to be hundreds of pounds of sand to fill it in? Plus, major downside is look old quick  as they have a tendency to fade in the sun over time. Than you are stuck with a huge sandbox you are trying to sell a couple years later or sooner.

So, I figured out a more economical way to achieve the same goal. I needed a container of sorts that I could easily empty out each season and/or even reuse the container for other purposes depending on how well she stuck with this. Than after thinking about what container would be shallow and big enough for at least two toddlers to play happily that included a cover – it dawned on me.

An UNDER THE BED STORAGE BOX! I thought it was pretty brilliant and super cheap. $19 works for me. I’m sure I could have found it for even cheaper but I wasn’t about to hunt at multiple stores or try and dig up a coupon with just 3 in stock. Bags of sand are just a $3 to $4 per 50 lb bag this project was in the perfect price range. It only involved driving to two of our local stores to pick up the goods. We ended up choosing a Sterilite 74 qt clear under the bed storage container with locking lid.

Bonus: We scored on a bag of sand castle building toys at Kmart for what we thought was $7 but after checking out we high-fived each other as the cashier rang it up for just $3! Sweet!

The result: A very happy toddler and mama 🙂

container sand box

Not to bad right?

Happy Monday!



I don’t know about you all, but I function way better when everything has a special place for it to go. This is definitely a process too because sometimes as you sit with things you figure out where they might better be placed. You find different ways of storing them and sometimes you even find different ways of decorating those storage “things”.

So, today I thought I’d show you a little idea I had for storing my daughters collection of hair accessories ( which we don’t currently use as she refuses to let me put anything in her hair at this phase) which I will keep around for a soon, hopefully not later time.

Make Your Own Keepsake Box for $20 or less

keepsake box

In its new place with the other accessories!

You can start off by picking out one of those plain wooden boxes that you can find at your local craft store. Don’t forget your coupon! 🙂

What You Will Need:

Regular paint brush for base coat (Optional) You could obviously use spray paint or a small acrylic flat brush as well for such a small project.

Small acrylic flat brush for second coat touch ups.

Small thin acrylic brush for touch ups around stencil area.

Stencil Brush : I prefer the actual brush, not the cheap foam ones because they over-soak and then cause more bleeding. Just a personal preference. Maybe you guys have had better luck with those. So, to each their own.

Paint samples or extra paint of choice.

Stencil – I ended up using a quilting stencil because I loved the pattern on it.

This was the before – sad right?

plain white keepsake box

Time to get a paintin’! My box dried within 10 minutes or less. I did a second coat and touch ups with a small flat acrylic brush.

For this project I went with Valspar Satin Sanora Rose paint sample that I scored on clearance for just $2! It was the perfect match for an ottoman I had picked up last year at Target on Clearance which was clearly a double bonus. Perhaps you notice a theme – I’m all about CLEARANCE! 🙂 This was for the base coat. For the stenciled part I went with Behr Topiar Mint.

Valspar Satin Sanora Rose

Valspar Satin Sanora Rose

Next, start a stenciling. I just placed the stencil in the center on the top and just filled in the stencil on top and bottom areas thereafter.


After the paint dries, just went back with the contrast paint and/or base paint and did touch ups where I needed around the stencil area. I used a super small brush for this. I actually found a much thinner one that I didn’t take a pic of (sorry) and used that and it worked even better. You definitely need a steady hand but a thin brush helps a ton as it’s much more forgiving.

touch ups

Let it dry and voila! All done!

Finished Stenciled and Painted Keepsake Box

Finished Painted and Stenciled Keepsake Box

Here she is all pretty with her companion accessories.

close up

Amongst Friends!

Even a nursery needs accessories. How cute is this little keepsake box. Now it serves a dual purpose, it’s not only essential for organizing all her little hair stuff, but it adds a nice accent and pop of color to her dresser as well.

This project was done in less than an hour during nap time! 🙂

Hope you feel ready to tackle your own little keepsake box.

Happy Creating!


This poor chair was just waiting for a little extra TLC.

I don’t know about you but I have thought to myself time and time again, hmmm, should I sell it, keep it, get a new cover, sew a new cover…well, I decided to go ahead and keep it and spruce it up a bit.


Lacking Personality & Hard to Keep Clean


Poang chairs are nice and all, but it’s not a forever piece of furniture and because I constantly change my decor and color scheme, I didn’t want to pay for a custom cover because it just wouldn’t be worth the investment. Besides, I’m all about taking the old and making it into to something new, or at the very least improved.

My Solution:

A Typography Stenciled Chair Cover


A while back, last year, I purchased some typography stencils from the Martha Stewart Line at Michael’s when I was in one of those I like them enough to buy them and use them for something eventually, some day mood.

So, today, “eventually” came. As soon as I got little lady down for her nap, I went to work. Total prep and work time was about an hour and a half.


I just mixed my own dark gray color with the supply of acrylic paints I had on hand and off I went. I started with the boldest font first and then filled it in with the other ones. I also used painters tape to keep it in place. I did take the cushion out before hand but you would still need to apply some pressure to the stencil, especially across the creases in the cover to ensure even coverage.

I did it lighter in some areas and dark in others. To me, it looks more aged that way. I did make a few oops in spots where the paint bleed through or it was too intense on one letter but honestly it just kind of gave it more character in my opinion. In the end it turned out pretty darn good if you ask me. Honestly, what I love the most is the meaning behind the words.

Inspire, Cherish, Dream, Love, Savor & Relish!

The best part for me, is that it better masks the wear of daily life and a messy toddler, in addition to the occasional mommy spill! Now every day I can look at this chair and not feel so bad for it and be reminded to be inspired and to do my best to inspire others! 🙂

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to do your poang cover or something else waiting for a little extra love. Happy Painting!

finished chair cover

Hey everyone!

I’m back, kinda..I have been in hiding for a while. I honestly have just been all over the place starting this project, trying to finish up that one…etc. I’m a little scatter-brained right now. I have been trying to work on my design portfolio, I much prefer to create but it’s one of those necessary evils. I always seem to get stuck on something. I make a ton of progress and then BAM lol. So anyways, enough about that.

In the meantime, in between coding, I take mental breaks to create and I have been working on a round pleated tablecloth and a photo wall. Both are coming along, not complete just yet but I figured I could at least give you a sneak peek at the upcoming photowall, which is at least up and arranged. I still have to add photos. 

I took some old boring wood frames and gave them treatment a dry brushed, shabby hic, antique look using some metallic and green paint I had on hand. I mixed the arrangement up a bit by using some vintage gold metals frames I had and a new one I just added that looks vintage, along with a modern one.

I’m doing something a bit more casual and charming for the frames with no glass so I have to get the stuff for that. 

I have been wanting to have a photo wall so we could start putting pictures of loved ones up and we have this small awkward space in between the door and our sofa that is just sort of there all barren so I figured I could use that area for the photo wall. We can’t put furniture there and a mirror won’t work because of the switch plate. 

So, I’m going to scan photos and make them into smaller pics so I can hang more on wire with little clips. I’m running a little photo display experiment I guess you could say mixing it up a bit. So, that’s that. Oh yes, and I have been on a mission to add green into the room with accents here and there. It’s more cheery now. Yay!

I would love to see your photo wall arrangements, feel free to share with us! If you don’t have one, maybe you are inspired by one or are inspired to make one. Either way, feel free to jump in and share in the convo.

Take care.


So, I guess after years of saving all those unneeded buttons, it came down to the need to utilize them for some sort of crafty DIY project. I did have another idea in mind, originally, but soon realized I didn’t have quite as many as I thought, so onto plan b….making a decorative ball.

What I used:

  • Hot glue
  • a baggy full of random assorted buttons
  • a styrofoam ball from the dollar store.

I just started glueing it took me maybe a half hour or something around there. I don’t know. I don’t usually time my projects because well, that just takes the fun out of it, right? But it is a quick project, not an all day type thing. A good snowy day project for sure!

So, what do you think? I plan to make more of different sizes but I have to get more buttons! Go figure! Just when I thought I could get rid of them. Hah!

They sure do add a fun pop of color and who doesn’t have a thousand buttons hanging around? Ok well, I did! lol But seriously, it’s totally a fun, project. I like a few fun and quirky art pieces hanging around. It’s a reminder that I do have a sense of humor and I’m not all serious!

What about you guys out their in blogger land? Do you have something that showcases your fun personality in a piece of art or other piece of house decor? Tell us what is and why you love it so much!

Can’t wait to hear!


Is it just me, or does anyone else go through a post christmas blues phase?  Today I started taking down my christmas decorations <<whimper whimper>> and gosh it feels naked. Not to mention, I’m all frazzled because I had all my regular decor just so and was so happy with it and now it feels all amuck again. Ugh! Anybody? Maybe it’s just me lol. I really should have taken pictures of how I had everything because I can’t for the life of me remember how I had it – some of it I do, but not all. Oh, well, note to self for next year. I guess I will at least have something to preoccupy myself this week with! 😉

I did leave out a few select pieces that are great for winter decor too like my apothecary jars with cinnamon sticks, a jar of pine cones, etc. Some snowflake placemats that I just made. Wanna see? Of course I will share picks of that craft to you all. You betcha! Take a peak and tell me what you think!

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So I’m sure it’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically I just bought some burlap, cut it to the size I needed which was  a 14″ square and I found a cute snowflake stencil at the craft store and then stenciled it on to the burlap with some white acrylic paint that I already had. I than took a few threads off around the edge to give it a fringed edge and there you go. Easy peasy! Promise!

You just need fabric cutting scissors or heavy-duty sharp ones or a cutting blade and mat, some acrylic paint, a stencil and stencil brush and off you go. They are very simple which I love, and a little earthy at the same time. I had to do something to them, they were just too plain and besides, it’s still winter so there’s still room for SOMETHING seasonal lol.

Well state tune for a rearrange makeover and a few other fun things this week.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Hi all!

Today’s project is super easy and practically free…as long as you plan ahead. I say practically because you will have to take a trip to the store for some contact paper. I actually scored some really cute contact paper at the dollar store so this project was virtually only a dollar. Pretty sweet huh?

All of us need ways to organize right? I don’t know about you but I absolutely can NOT stand clutter! It drives me bonkers! And gosh there are so many cool organization bins and whatnot that are super purposeful and some quite stylish, but sometimes they are just downright expensive. Who has all that extra money just to spend on equal the cost of a room makeover on storage and organization alone?….not me thank you very much.

So, quite some time ago I had this project in mind and so I started saving coffee cans to hold stuff like electric gadgets of ours – you know all those miscellaneous charger cords, usb chords, flash drives, camera and mp3 players and the list goes on. I don’t have junk drawer storage like most people so I have to be smart about organization. Plus, I must confess, even if I did, it wouldn’t be a junk drawer cause that’s how OCD I am ok?…no judging here 😉

So, anyways, what you need for this easy project.

  • A coffee can or a clean paint can ( you can also purchase these at your local paint department.)
  • contact paper of choice
  • a cutting mat or scissors

Not to bad right!

So basically measure the height and width of the can, leave a about 1/4 ” or so for overlap for when you wrap it around. Line and center it and wrap it on.

The awesome thing about contact paper is that you can just peel it off if  and rewrap it on if you goof up and it’s not quite on centered. Make sure to smooth out wrinkles as you go, though.

The downside to using a coffee can is the little rivets show up, so if that bothers you like it did me, just put some construction paper underneath to make it flat or just go for the paint cans which are usually flat, at least the unfinished ones that I mentioned in the paint department are.

I still have a few more to make but I figured I could at least show you what it ended up looking like. I plan on adding labels to all of them that I will just design in my program because my handwriting is awful unless I have my favorite pen, which I can’t find anywhere! grrr….

Anyways, you don’t have to limit this project to just random misc. stuff! You could do this for the bathroom for wash clothes, in the kitchen for utensils, a decorative way to display some fresh-cut flowers and well the possibilities are many.

So, that’s my crafty idea for today. Hope you find it useful on organizing your spaces!

Let me know your thoughts and comments on this little mini organizational project.


P.S. In case you noticed the awful wallpaper in the back, well, as soon as money allows I plan to prime and rewallpaper with a paintable beadboard paper. So, I will share that with you when the time comes. I’m waiting anxiously to tackle that area.

Hi all! I can’t believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Yikes! It sure comes and goes so quickly doesn’t it? Ok well, I guess I won’t talk about it going, instead I will focus on it still yet to come!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite homemade ornaments with you guys. I started off with the plain, clear ornaments.

I made a few different variations and just kept it pretty simple – fun ribbon, glitter sticky letters, some sparkles and there you go.

The great thing is you can make them and customize them for your color scheme, by adding ribbon and sticky letters in your color of choice. It’s so easy, you could even do this project with some of your kids. They could even make their own. I usually end up getting the stickers either on clearance at the craft store, but more often at the Dollar store. Ribbon, the same. You can find it anywhere. Add some sparkles or fuzzy ribbon on the inside, berries, whatever you want that will fit inside. The possibilities are endless. Literally I could just sit and make all these fun different ornaments.

I will mention one specifically, that I made as a gift for my husband several years ago. It was along the concept of a time capsule ornament. I put a little saying inside to him filled with fake snow and put our monogram on it since our anniversary is in December. He loved it of course.

So have fun looking. Maybe a book ornament is in order soon. 🙂 I haven’t come across the clear ones recently to stock up on more and I’m so wanting to make more. Will have to go hunting for them later tonight or tomorrow. Making home-made ornaments is so much fun! What about you guys?…have you ever? I would love to hear your homemade ornament ideas. So, please share! 🙂

Well, take care and I will see you after the holidays – unless I have a sudden urge to post something :)…


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Well everybody, Day 12 has finally come. I’m just about done with my shopping only a few small gifts left.  Totally not stressing at all about Christmas presents which is fabulous. How about all of you? What’s left on your list of to do’s?…

Well, today I was wracking my little brain thinking about what on earth I have to tell all of you to give for a final gift option. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking…as I was thinking I was realizing how cold I am in this crazy winter weather…layers and layers and that’s inside. Ok yes, our furnace is ancient among other issues, but it comes with owning an older home, especially. Anyway, it dawned on me, it sure would be nice to have a pair of stylish, warm, fuzzy, cozy slippers. Even better if they are dual purpose and have a bottom you can step outside in for a minute if need be. I understand you won’t be buying slippers for your coworker or neighbor but perhaps for your grandfather, husband, significant other, etc.

Trust me, they are always nice to slip into on a cold morning. Hubby uses his all the time. I HAD a cute leopard print pair but my dog liked them so much he kept stealing them from me every chance he got. Everytime my feet slipped out, he was off to the races with them. Thus began the pattern of chasing him around the house. Comical I know. So, reluctanly after he had gotten his chew on many a times, they started looking a little neglected and plus I had gotten them several years back so they were looking a little worn to say the least, so, I handed them over. Of course than when I gave them to him to have at it, he was bored and didn’t want anything to do with them. Figures. Stinker. So, they were pretty much trash worthy and I chucked them out. I must confess, I miss them like crazy! They were my favorites. Which leads me to another gift option, mainly for girls, probably not for the guys, well, maybe some….Typically, most guys won’t admit to a pedicure lol, even without the clear nail polish but most would actually enjoy it. So, anyways, how about one of those foot baths and a pedicure set?

Or for a guy, well guy or girl, since we are all usually stressed at some point of the week, this one is sooooo. cheap! It’s called a snuggle sock.

You have a few options:

1. You can make it pretty and use fleece or some kind of cozy fabric that has a tight weave hand or machine sew a tube or rectangle with an opening on one end, put in rice or beans of some sort ( no not cooked either) and sew up the end and voila.

2.You can make one using a sock, preferrably a nice looking one if you must, not something that’s been around a while, just saying and either stich it at the end after you fill it or put a rubber band and ribbon on the end. (My least favorite option for a gift, but if it’s just for you, than it does the trick. If you want to do it with a sock, than for directions on how to do so visit this article.

3. You can head to your local Walgreen’s, CVS, or most other stores to hunt for one, It probably won’t be called a snuggle sock though, FYI, probably a neck warm, or sock warmer. Something of that nature. You will know when you find it though.

So, now you or rather the person you are gifting this to, can have something to heat up in the micro for no longer than two minutes and wear around your neck to warm up or help bring relief to a headache or neck ache. They are pretty amazing, I must say.

I used to have the sock version that was made at some girlie spa party a long time back but it got kind of worn so I ended up replacing it with a nice fleece one at found at my local Aldi’s for cheap, and a lot cozier too. They are definitely not too pricey at all. I got mine for just under $10. You could add some essential oils for relaxation if you think they might enjoy something like that. I love Eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender.

So, that’s it, a few de-stressing gift options to choose from: slippers, foot bath, snuggle soak a pedicure set and some essential oils to destress and unwind with. Just customize it according to your budget and what you know they would enjoy.

That makes me want to take out my snuggle sock and relax. Ahh……

Well, have a relaxing weekend.

Happy Final Days of shopping. I hope some of these ideas help you guys out. I hope Santa is good to everyone and that everyone was good this year! 😉

Take care.


Hi All!

So, I had a few extra materials lying around the house, one of which was an old painted picture that I didn’t have use for and decided to repurpose it, some scrap paper, raffia, thumbnails and a little glue.

I pasted on the scrapbook paper in 3 sections because I didn’t have enough paper to glue just one sheet on 😦

Place the thumbtacks accordingly and wrapped the taffeta twice around each tack.

Voila. Instant Christmas Wall Art. It’s a combination of  whimsy, cottage and primitive. Simple yet fun. What do you all think?

I had it hanging and than moved it to a side table on the other side of the room.

You could also use ribbon, jute, or whatever else you have handy. I would love to do more of these in square shapes in different sizes and do a vignette.

If you don’t have scrapbook paper, you could use a cool sticky contact paper, that would be much smoother, wallpaper, heck if you wanted to do something simple, you could even do craft paper or newspaper or and old paper bag, leave it as is or paint it, or just decorate your cork board in your office with a little Christmas Spirit. No glue necessary there and you can just take it off when you are done. You could even do the star just made of thumbtacks or  nailhead trim. It’s your project so get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s what it’s all about.

I would have used some MDF board or pine and paint it but I didn’t have a saw though – hopefully after Christmas if Santa is good to me! 😉  Yes, that’s right people, I asked for a miter saw so for Christmas so I could get my wood craftiness on. whooting sound>  lol!

I want to be able to make basic frames and cuts of wood, mitered joints and all. I figure it’s time to just take the plunge into the unknown and see where it brings me. With all these ideas whirling in my head, I must have a way to execute them into reality of course. I have used power tools, I’m not utterly clueless so that’s the good news. I guess that Jr. High shop class with Mr. Menning did pay off! It started something I didn’t know I had. I’m no Norm Abram but I might have a few projects up my sleeves. 🙂  I’m learning it’s a lot of experiment, watching tutorials and getting ideas, measuring and even mistakes. Sometimes the “mistakes” turn into the best pieces of art. So anyways, enough about that. Going off into a tangent on my excitement for making things with wood.

Back to my original post of what I made. So, are you all going to make a star, have you made something likes this? Do you like it, hate, love it, etc.? Let me know.