From Drab to Fab in Five.

What do you do with a ginormous mirror that’s caught in a serious time warp?

Well, you paint it but of course. After living with it for a few weeks trying to figure out what to do with it, I decided I just had to do something. So, with paintbrush in hand and a sample of Behr’s Topiary Mint, I just went at it. I knew it was asking for a white washed beach-y like finish deep down inside and that’s exactly what it got.

In case you haven’t white washed it’s not to hard. There is a difference between white washing and dry brushing. Technically it is dry brushing, the average person will probably understand that white washed means it has a that worn look to it. If you are thinking of trying, I dare you. Start on something small like a mirror or a wood tray, jewelry box, picture frame, etc. Something that won’t send you into a freak out mode. hah! I always remind myself, it’s just paint, you can paint it again and again.

How I Achieved the Look

Step 1. Lightly sand with fine grit sanding block or steel wool, my preference is steel wool.

Step 2. Give it a good cleaning to remove residue and loose oils, etc.

Step 3. Tape inside edges of mirror with painters tape. You probably know about this though…but just in case.

Step 3. Grabbed my Perdy angled brush and lightly dipped the very top edge and than blotted it on something dry or you can use cap of jar as well.

Step 4. Just barely skim the surface as you get started and do long strokes. When the brush runs across the wood with no paint, time to re-dip 🙂

You can do certain areas more concentrated but overall it should feel pretty light and airy in order to let the original grain come through. You are the designer though so do what feels right for you.

Mirror Redo.

Mirror White Wash


Whitewashed Mirror